• Japan has done much hardships to Korea.

    -Japan has took Korea off the white list of the country, Thus messing up the global supply chain of tech goods.
    -Also, Japan has not yet apologized over the huge number of wartime deeds (ex: comfort women) that they have done to China and Korea.
    -For these very good reasons, I believe in boycott Japan.

  • People don't understand

    Korea as a nation has not been removed from a trade whitelist. It is certain chemical exports to Korea that have been approached with higher scrutiny (fluorinated polyamides, Photoresists, Hydrogen fluoride, Etc. ). These chemicals are an integral part of semiconductor manufacturing and a heavy import of Korea. However, These chemicals are also used for weapons manufacturing and can be extremely deadly if dealt in the wrong hands. Korean businesses failed to uphold a deal with Japan in careful regulation of the whereabouts of these chemicals. It only makes sense that Japan does not want to be responsible for a deadly arms dealing.

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