• A blind person can feel emotions and so he can see them.

    I believe that everything has an explanation to the questions that we ask, and a blind person can see color by using emotions. Emotions will describe everything that is needed to know what a color looks like. With emotions we can describe how dark or light something is. Are emotions the answer to my question? I am not sure.

  • Language has some limits, color is one of them.

    (Today is a slow day, so here I go.) As much as we have tried, there really isn't a way to describe color in the way that we would like. While you could certainly describe a color in terms of emotions, that's as far as you can go. Language has the gift to insert an idea into another person, but colors (as a concept) cannot really enter their mind through words.
    Take black. We might be tempted to say that what they are seeing is the color black, but it is important to remember that they are seeing nothing. And 'nothing' does not equate to black.
    Unfortunately, emotions are as far as we could go, but that is assigning color a meaning that it doesn't intrinsically have.
    (Also, I would suggest changing the question to 'Can you describe colors to the blind?')

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