How does the brain transmit the data into the mind?

Asked by: mojodancer
  • Psycho- Hieroglyphical Streaming (PHS)

    How does the brain transmit the data into the mind? The meta-model of Psycho- Hieroglyphical Streaming. (PHS) viz;
    a constant stream of data in symbolic form which is presented or projected and then perceived by the mind. The symbols themselves are animated, as opposed to static. They move in relation to each other and shift shape. They are three dimensional geometric symbols that form patterns with and within each other. The understanding of this constant stream of psycho- hieroglyphics is innate.

  • What the heck is PHS? (response to mojodancer)

    I tried googling it but nothing came up..
    Did you make that up?

    Are you talking about converting sensory input to conscious mind understandings or from the physical brain to a soul or what?

    I don't know anything about psychology or brain functions, but I'm pretty sure the brain wouldn't look at something and then convert it to a middle stage so it could look at THAT to understand. It'd be faster just to understand the constant stream of sights and sounds innately, not turning it into geometric symbols in a 3D plane or whatever.

    Do you know how hard it is to remember the shape of a symbol that ISN'T uniform? Like the exact shape of an ink blot is hard to remember for long (not just the shape of a square, that's easy). "Patterns with and within each other," especially in 3D instead of 2D, just gets so complicated I don't know how it could fit in someone's head all at the same time. I mean, I gotta repeat I don't understand the details of neuro-psychology-whatever but, based on what I can tell, I'd say it's more likely you're making it up.

    If I'm wrong, please prove it to me because it's something that would totally change how I see things if it really was true. I wouldn't like to be totally wrong and never know it.

    It's just that Google and my prior knowledge don't know anything at all about what you just said, and it's not really a likely explanation for that.
    My final answer to the question would be the brain is the same thing as the mind, which is the same thing as any kind of soul since it contains the personality and experiences.
    I don't know anything about souls either, but nobody does, unless they've seen proof besides religious preachers (both long-dead and present) swearing it's true to you.
    So there's no need to transmit. Your sensory organs transmit signals because they have cells converting light/sound/whatever other senses into electrical impulses, which travel along nerves to the brain. That understanding is "innate".

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