How has the feminist movement helped (yes) or harmed (no) the movement for gender equality?

Asked by: LKhamphouy
  • Look what someone like ME is picking, whoooooooaaaaaa

    I would be the first to agree that feminism has helpED society grow and adapt to equal opportunity and rights and all that. It HAS done a lot of good, and has gained lots for women and in some cases, men. However it's no longer needed in modern day North America as everyone is treated equally, and some people being rude doesn't mean women have to be sheltered.

  • Helped More Than Harmed

    Modern feminism has arguably set gender equality back a few steps by essentially being too radical and even demonizing manhood. Modern feminists generally call for equality, but seem to welcome special treatment. What's more, the apathy of the modern generation contrasts the activism that embodied early feminists. However, despite the arguable negativity of modern feminism, the impact of the early feminist movement far exceeds any modern setbacks.

    The original feminist movement greatly helped the movement for gender equality, and eventually bridged into the conversation about civil rights. Voting rights, contraceptive rights, and closing the gap between gender spheres are only possible thanks to the efforts of the feminist movement. These achievements are epic in their own right, and outweigh the negativity of radical modern feminism.

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  • Femisim has helped

    Femisim has helped women and ther rights, but it doesnt just help women, it helps everyone. Feminism basically just means equality, and you should treat it that way, and not like some womens only movement where its all hirls all the time and we dont need a man and what not. Femisim=Equality

  • Educate yourself about feminism

    I feel like feminists get a bad rep mostly due to miseducation. Some people don't understand that feminism is equality for all.Men already have equal rights and some people don't understand that. Some people only focus on those "feminist" movements that have gone viral, like "free the nipple", and being able to show off your body and that is NOT what feminism is all about. Everyone needs to educate themselves on what it means to be a feminists including women right now who call themselves a feminists. REAL feminists are for equality for ALL women, that includes all the races and transgenders.

  • Feminism is causing awareness and gaining support for equality.

    Man-hating, is not feminism.
    Women are better, is not feminism.
    Men and women are equal is feminism.
    Many people support feminism, but don't want women to have benefits. Perkermernmerster worded the argument as "when it gets to the point where women say they need benefits to be equal, it kinda starts to backfire on women and adds a bit of irony". In a respectful way, I'd like to open this question to those that believe women shouldn't get benefits: If you're fine with equality, but don't want females get paid more, do you propose that we cut down male wages? If Anna gets two apples, and Bob gets four, would you give Anna two more apples, or take two away from Bob? You can't support something that promotes equality while simultaneously disagreeing with equal pay. Feminism is the radical notion that women are people, and that everyone is equal. Feminism calls for equal pay for both men and women. Women make 77 cents to a man's dollar. That's a 33 cent difference. If a man and woman both worked for their respective amounts for 8 hours a day for 6 days a week for a year, the man would make $2304.00, and the woman would make $1774.08. That about a $530.00 difference. Feminism has definitely helped the movement for gender equality because it's actually called attention to it. Many people are actually curious about what feminism is, and there's now more people to answer questions about it. The fact that we're all participating in this debate shows that the feminism movement has promoted gender equality and made the topic more widely known.

  • It All Depends

    Feminism, I believe is a great and noble cause... Before gender equality was legally reached. It achieved its goal and that goal has shot all fields of research forwards. But now where is it? I'm sorry that some people are prejudiced, but its a fact of life. Everyone has an opinion, and that right should be respected. They've gone too far, going from wanting equality to calling men, "evil and sexist pigs ". I am on the side of trying to get everyone to love and respect everyone no matter race, sex, or religion. I am not on the side of special treatment.

  • Has been harmful

    Women take everything overboard. Yes, men can overpower women physically and sometimes abuse them. That is wrong, I agree. But, women can abuse a man in many ways and that is wrong. I believe genders are already balanced out. But. Men are superior !! #meninism men are superior and always will be !!

  • 'Feminist' not 'Equalist'

    His mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig. -Andrea Dworkin

    Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women’s movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage -Sheila Cronin

    Remember that old saying: "you can't hit a girl but a girl can hit you?" Or how about "Ladies First?"

    We can not have equality by just taking turns hating the other side. In a world where female genital mutilation is a big problem but the male genital mutilation is normal, it is easy to see how feminism only empowers, not equality, but women.

  • Unbalanced scales of gender

    To sum up I don't believe that this is a black and white argument, original feminist movements have balanced the scales of gender equality significantly; although I understand there is still far more that needs to be done to create a truly gender equal society. However the issue with a massive percentile margin of the modern feminist movement is that it's fueled by a philosophy that right now it is tipped towards men and to create a balance it needs to first be tipped in favor of women before it can be equally balanced. I know this theory isn't believed by all feminists and isn't the original message yet this new wave of "trend shifting movements" and "man hating" has set the goal for equality back a step. I think the best hope for feminism to create a gender equal society is for the root message to support the outstanding amount of gender inequality women face but also touch on and speak up for the gender inequality men face. By playing devils advocate and speaking up for inequality on both sides and educating the public on the root goal and meaning of feminism and how to help is the best way to make strides for a gender equal society.

  • Because is wrong

    Sadly Modern feminism is sexist towards men. Society shoves men into a

    corner. They don't let men have thoughts anymore. Men are

    oppressed not women. Women are not shoved into a corner and

    told they cant think for themselves. Men are told they are not

    perfect more then women are.

  • I'm confused on what Exactly the point is...

    Feminism is fine with me, and I believe everyone should be treated equally, no matter what. However, when it gets to the point where women say they need benefits to be equal, it kinda starts to backfire on women and adds a bit of irony. I'm not saying it should stop, I'm just trying to say something along the lines of it's going to far, so please calm down!

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