How is god letting us do whatever we want any different than a parent or government letting us do whatever we want?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Because God tell us what to do, and we are the ones who choose not to listen.

    First of all everybodys parents are different so how can this argument even work. When our parents let us do whatever we want, it is either because they don't care, or because WE didn't listen so they gave up. If our parents give up because we don't listen its not because they don't care and don't love us anymore, but rather is it because we chose not to listen and there is nothing else they can do. They are sad though because they do love us, but they cant force us to do anything. Same as God cannot and will not force us to love and follow him. He gives us everything we need to follow him. He tells us how to follow him and what following him looks like. But he also tells us that he will not force us to love him. He wont force us to love him because he loves us, and forced love isn't real love. That doesn't mean that God is a bad God, infact it means just the opposite. God is a good God because he gives us the freedom to choose and he wants us to truly love him, so he doesn't force us. If our parents forced us to love them would that make them good parents, well obviously no it would not. So God letting us choose does not make him a bad God.

  • It is different:

    1: we know Parents and the Government exit for certain.

    2: Everybody has a different opinion on the existence/nonexistence of god and which god that is.

    3: All the tangible good and evil in the world has been done by humans.

    4: Free will exists, we are free to make our own choices in life, those choices can just as easily be to disobey a parent or government but we are not free of the repercussions of our actions.

    5: The punishments/benefits of god written in the varying holy books/scriptures have never been proven to exist for all we know we simply die.

    The problem with trying to compare things to god is, quite simply no one can agree exactly what he/she is, or whether or not god exists at all.

  • No means it isnt different and this would make god a bad god just like it would make a parent a bad parent.

    Its easy for a god to be perfect when he says what perfect is. No matter what kind of god our leaders throw at us we (most of us) believe its perfect. The christian god has been responsible for a hundred times more massacres than any tyrant, he punishes children for the sins of their parents, he burns your loved ones alive forever, he put you here to suffer from evil because the first two people made one mistake etc. but hes perfect and he loves us. We could have had heaven on earth according to the bible but god took that away from everyone because two people screwed up. He didnt even tell them the consequences of eating from the tree and actually lied about the tree while the devil told them the truth. But hes perfect and lying is bad for us to do but not him. Yea i cant believe that. Not because im not willing to admit the truth that i know but because im willing to admit the truth that i know. Im not suppressing the truth. If anyone is suppressing the truth its the people who believe in religious gods. Religions are contradictory. So much so that only one can be true at most unless its like satanism and christianity but one is based on the other. So how many people can be right? And they all want to believe that goodness will triumph over evil, that justice will be done, and that their life wont end when we die. Because they want so badly to believe these things they ignore negative facts to uphold an inaccurate optimistic view of the world.

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