• There are only two genders and if you think otherwise, you are a triggered SJW/feminazi/liberal/idiot.

    Two genders. Idiots think otherwise. There have always be 2 genders and you are an idiot if you don't believe so. You' re not born in the body, you're confused. Stop this bullshit about 63 or however many genders you idiots think there are. Make people smart again. There are only 2 genders. Gender and sex are synonymous.

  • No one give a fuck

    There are 2 biological genders and that's it. All of the "other" genders are based of "gender roles" or being a homosexual. You have a dick or you don't that's it. I couldn't care less if you are gay or lesbian. Congrats you ruined everything sjws why do I even try to debate with you guys.

  • There are only two genders, the others are fake

    I am a male Caucasian of average height for my age. I am even a little short. What would you say if I told you I was 8 feet tall? If you were in your right mind, you would think I was either joking or a lunatic, a candidate for the "funny farm". What would the liberals say, however, if I told them I was a woman? They would cheer me on as a true pioneer and try to bully others in submission to my ideals. This is hypocrisy. Why are they fine with me switching gender on command, but not with me changing my species, or my height, or my skin color without any connection to reality. Come on, people!

  • What is science what are facts

    Look, gender IS directly related to sex.

    The only reason I can see gender was ever even thought as something separate to sex was probably because of transgenderism, which of course involves, changing from ONE GENDER TO THE OTHER.
    I suppose you can say a transgender individual has become the other gender, but biologically speaking they have the same DNA.

    All these other genders are just personalities given names. They are all based on the roles we see in the two genders.

    And also, gender roles are NOT A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT, at least not entirely. Things like pink being a girls color sure, but there is a biological reason for most of the differences between male and female. Males are viewed as stronger because statistically the average male is stronger than the average female.

    Even if gender is entirely a social construct, society as (nearly) a whole agrees there are 2 genders, so you still have one or the other gender in that social construct.
    By saying you are some other gender, all you have done is add more confusion to our society, you do not have to make up a new gender to act different from the norm.

    If you go to the doctor, and he asks you if you are male or female, and you say like bigender or something, he is going to laugh at you. I'm sorry but only YOU care about your made up gender. You're allowed to have one, but you should not expect any recognition of it or to get it entered into legal status.

    This is the first post I have actually made onto this site, so criticism for how I presented the argument is especially welcome.
    I am aware I basically just threw together some short paragraphs without a clear structure to it.

  • There have been 2 genders for the past 2.7 billion years and no tumblr weirdos are going to change that.

    I do believe that it is okay for a human to change their gender from male to female or female to male, so long as they pledge to their life decision. There are animals in nature, such as clownfish, who can change their gender. I don't think Humans, with their advanced biological capabilities at hand, should be limited. We can achieve everything that other animals can using technology, so why should gender be an exception? It doesn't make sense, however, to fabricate gender. It seems that these non-binary genders lie in the blurred lines between femininity and masculinity. There are, however, feminine men and masculine women who don't claim to belong to a fabricated gender, meaning it is not necessary to associate a new gender with these people who act more like the opposite gender. It seems more like those who claim to belong to a new gender are only doing so to seem interesting or unique, or to belong to some movement and feel special, and say "oh, I was a part of that movement!"

  • You are wrong

    If I say I'm a dragon, am I a dragon? No. Your opinion cannot change facts. If i say the sun is green, it doesn't make the sun green. Transgender is not a gender. If you are a man and then have surgery to become a woman, you are a woman. You are transgender, yes, but but that isn't your gender it's just a name for what you've done to change yourself.

  • There are only 2 genders

    Luckily, science and human biology does not care about people’s feelings. You can live in your childish delusions all you want, but at the end of the day, you are either male or female. Period.

    “But what about transgender individuals?”

    This is how Social Justice Warriors usually reply. This one is always a fun one to deal with, because by implying that there are more than two genders because transgender people exist, they are pretty much admitting to themselves that they don’t think transwomen are “real women” or that transmen are “real men.” After all, if people are whatever gender they have transitioned to then how exactly does that break the “gender binary?” Whether you are one of those people who believe that people are whatever gender they transition into or you are one of those who think people are whatever they are born as and that changing your gender is impossible, the point still stands. At the end of the day, that person is still either male or female.

    “But….But…….But gender is whatever you identify as!”

    Nonsense. If gender is whatever you identify as, then gender is irrelevant and nonsensical. I am yet to hear a good reason why what someone “identifies as” is relevant or important in any way. In a debate about the existence of God, if a theist states that he identifies as God, does that mean he is God and God is now real? If a student identifies as a someone who graduated summa cum laude, is the university obligated to give him that honor? This type of thinking isn’t permitted in any other form of discourse, so why would we permit it here?

    “Gender is a social construct.”

    Incorrect. Gender is entirely biological and based on genetics. You might be thinking of “gender roles,” which are something completely different. If your counter argument here is to inform me that gender differs from sex, I don’t have to necessarily disagree with you to tell you why you’re wrong. Fair enough. Let’s say that the current definition proposed by certain social scientists is true and that “sex” is whatever is between your pants and “gender” is what is in your brain/what gender you feel like. At the end of the day, your genitals aren’t a social construct, and neither are your brain waves.

  • Does Mayonnaise count as a gender?

    There's a lot of genders! Like mayonnaise, ketchup, and alot of other stuff! Just because you got a dick or not doesn't make you male, cutting it off just makes you a guy without a dick! Thats transdick. Jeez isn't 2018 amazing, am i right or is it really this retarded? Everything about genders are retarded.

    -this is stupid

  • There is only two grenders

    What the fuck is wrong with the world making 40, 50 or even 60 fucking genders. Y'all people who say theres that many genders are fucking stupid for say that we don't accept y'all, when y'all can't even accept yourself for what you are. A male or female. A dick, or a vagina.

  • It is ultimately destructive for people to worry about the simple and miniscule idea such as their identity

    It is ultimately destructive for people to worry about the simple and miniscule idea such as their identity
    I begin with the question, "What actually is this gender conundrum?" To sort this out, we must first define the terminology. The two chief terms are sex and gender. Sex is defined as biological classification. Gender is defined as what one believes they are. The difference between gender and sex is a debate in it of itself. Now that we have defined the terms, let us define the "gender conundrum": the gender conundrum/debate is the compound argument that sex and gender are two different things and that there is a variety of genders. Now that we have defined what the argument is, let us defined why I chose yes.
    I chose yes because it is ultimately destructive for people to worry about the simple and miniscule idea such as their identity. To be swift, I begin with a rhetorical question: why should it matter what you think you are when there are much more meaningful and interesting things on which you could be spending your time. Instead of making your life better and more enjoyable, you are worrying what you identity is. This is logically ultimately destructive and humans are much more than what their identity is.
    To recapitulate, humans must stop worrying about their identity and address more important and meaningful matters in their life.

  • I am living proof there is more than two genders.

    I'm genderfluid and my gender fluctuates. People are ignorant and afraid and that is the simple reason as to why the majority see such a beautiful, complex feature of the human mind to be fake. Do you have any idea how many fucking times I've been called the wrong pronouns or name and have to live in this body that isn't mine. I want a body that can change when I want it. Would you rather I lived the truth or died?? People of different genders outside of the gender binary receive so much hate when they just want a safe place to express themselves. EVEN AT SCHOOL, a safe place, supposedly, sticks with the gender binary. When a teacher tells all the boys to go on one side of the class and the girls on the other, where do I stand? Outside the fucking classroom.

  • There are as many genders, as there need be

    I think the person on the "yes"-side of things, has been misinformed. Sex and gender are two different things. Sex is what genitalia you're born with - not how you feel, and is therefore objective. Gender is how you feel, gender is subjective.
    Agender/non-binary and bigender are all genders, to name a few. In case you don't know what they are, I'll explain it to you. If you're agender, you feel that you have no gender - that you're genderless. Bigender is when you fluctuate between genders. One day, you may be a boy and the next a girl.
    People used to say being gay, was a choice, and completely ruled out bisexuality and pansexuality. Now, we're accepting of it and know it's real. I feel that the same will happen with gender soon.

    I, however, do not understand why this is a topic that needs to be discussed - even if you disagree with it. It should be no business of yours what people do and don't identify as.
    You create your own identity.
    Saying a person can't be bigender, agender or androgyne is like saying they can't like a certain genre of movies, or that they can't like a particular food. Just because you don't understand it, it doesn't mean it doesn't' exist.

    Gender is subjective, and therefore there can be as many genders there need be, to make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin.

  • It doesn't really matter.

    Yeah, you're born as a boy or a girl, that's not what we're talking about. The truth is that there are multiple different genders. Ok? If there were 43527278 sexes, we would probably have a probablem. There are several genders, as in, trans-male, trans-female, hermaphrodite, and others. K? It's not the same as sexual preference which is gay, straight, bi, ace, and others. There aren't too many genders, but that doesn't mean that you can't be... A... Person with... Um... You know... Both. Your born one way, but later in your life you might want to be a X, so you'll get an operation to become an X, and no longer be a Y. It's complicated, and honestly, I think both sides can get WAY out of whack sometimes, so just don't be a douche. Respect people's opinions and feelings, and that should apply to both sides of the argument.

  • There are more than 2 genders

    Gender is defined by FAO as the relations between people, both perceptual and material. Gender is not determined biologically, as a result of sexual characteristics of either women or men, but is constructed socially. And we all know that there are no longer just men and women today. There are trans, lesbians, gays, bisexuals. They are still the same in terms of body structures, so many do not regard them as new people having genders other than 2 traditional ones. Plus, most people still cannot accept homosexual relationships, which is among the reasons why a big number of people do not accept other sexes.

    Posted by: tran
  • In disagree lol

    I have a penis and a vagina i have a penis and a vagina i have a penis and a vagina i have a penis and a vagina i have a penis and a vagina i have a penis and a vagina i have a penis and a vagina lol

  • Gender and sex are two COMPLETELY different things.

    Sex is to do with your chromosomes and genitalia, and the sex you were assigned with at birth. Gender, however, is how you see yourself and what you feel you are inside. Some people think it's a mental disorder, which I understand because if genders and transgenders are explained incorrectly or they aren't given education, then it can look like a mental disorder, because of the misinterpretation. But really, having a gender is just what your mind suits and what you want to identify as, and there are definitely more than just two genders. There are also technically three sexes, counting hermaphrodite as some people are born with deformed genitalia and not male or female genitalia. Though I'm not sure if that counts as a sex. But I mean, some people can be so blind and think being gay is bad or even having a gender is immediately a mental disorder just because they disagree. Get some LGBT + education and stop hating, ya melon-heads. XD

  • More than 2 genders

    There are many other genders lets take transgender for example why would it have the word gender in it if it wasn't an actually gender and you also are not thinking about the aliens and shit they will come to earth blasting our ass we cant defend against that shit what if we said they didn't have a gender we would be fucked

  • Well you see that the synonym to gender is sex

    The definition of gender is the state of being male or female and it has a synony to the word gender and that is sex look it up it's true and stop luring to yourself
    I cannot believe In What you guys say until u show me proof of this concept

  • Hella genders nigga

    Aye leave these niggas alone shit Niggas A duck can be a gender i am classified as a potato so im straight and my gf is a sex machine thats a mf gender so shut yo ugly ass eat Mcdonalds all day having ass cause yall niggas dumb saying there is only 2 genders

  • There are more than two sexes. Why not genders too?

    Many people are saying that there are only two sexes to back up what they're saying. But that's not true. Male and female are sexes but they aren't the only ones. Intersex, a less common sex, has characteristics of both males and females. There are more than two sexes and more than two genders. It's not worth getting angry over. If someone says they're non-binary, gender-fluid, gender neutral, or any other gender, just go with it. It's their life, not yours. It shouldn't matter to you what other people identify as. Use the correct pronouns and be respectful. It may not matter to you, but to others, it's their life. It is what it is. Research it instead of putting likely false opinions on the internet.

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TruthIsPerspective360 says2018-07-25T02:34:41.803
There's two genders. Opinion doesn't constitute truth