How many young girls could destroy an older boy in a fight?

Asked by: bw3220
  • Girls could destroy a boy in a fight

    Yes I think that girls could destroy a boy in a fight because girls are getting stronger while boys are getting weaker ok and yes I think that girls are getting stronger ok and they should have to give all kids a good time and they should ok ok ok

  • How many girls could destroy a boy in a fight

    In a physical confrontation between a boy and a girl above the age of seven despite the feminization of males and masculation of females. The girl is dead. Unless she is very lucky in the location she strikes the boy. Has had combat training to a level significantly higher than the boy. Age difference I don't care if you black belt in karate a 12 year old girl will get the shit kicked out of her by 14+ boy with average male body muscle mass. Its not the movies also 95% of the so called martial arts would actually increase the chance of serious/fatal injuries if you used them. Look it up. Your looking at another couple of generations before the woke brigade are confident youll be the stronger sex

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