How much opportunity do women have in Saudi Arabia for arts?

Asked by: johannalam
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  • Not much really

    The Islamic Law is rather oppressing for women, they cannot drive let alone perform. I'd like to hear any first hand experience or opinions though because my views are internet based. Maybe there is a hidden cult of women who want to unleash the inner performer?

    I know that there are underground heavy metal rock bands but these are all men. There are a select few men film directors which is great but still no women?

  • Don't Deserve Opportunities

    As a middle eastern man, I highly disagree with women's rights. I highly oppose the idea that women should have the same opportunities as men. For example, my wife was born only to serve me. If she was to do anything against my rule, I will thoroughly beat her due to her natural right of being inferior to me. That's why, overall, women do not and SHOULD NOT have any opportunities.

  • I have known men and women musicians and composers who left the middle east to pursue their art

    All artists, whether they be men or women, face oppression/censor in many middle eastern countries. I personally know a composer who had to flee and come to Canada in oder to be able to pursue his art freely. In my opinion, it is a crime against God to interfere with the passions and creative output of a composer. Quite frankly, there is nothing godly about these so called "religious states".

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