• They are safe.

    Autonomous car, which is also called a self-driving car, is safer because:
    1. It can reduce additional accidents like drunk when driving.
    2. They can sensor really accurate using the LIDAR system.
    3. The car is made of foam-like material so it can decrease the danger of hitting a car.

  • They are not safe

    We are still building. We are not so sure if it can malfunction. Such as if the monitors malfunction or mistake something for something else. A accident includes the self driving cars camera mistaking a shining light off a white truck to be the sky. So they drove forward and crashed..

  • They are not too safe yet.

    We are still in the early years of developing self driving cars. So this means that we are bound to have a lot of mistakes and probably some fatal accidents. But then again, you cannot go anywhere without taking risks. As we progress, self driving cars could be the next big thing in our lives.

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