• Yes he should be remembered

    Guido Westerwelle is a former foreign minister of Germany. He served as the country's first openly gay foreign minister and kept his country out of NATOs intervention in Libya. He died on March 18 in Cologne. He was the highest-ranking openly gay person in the German government, having risen to the position of vice chancellor.

  • A small foundation supporting those with luekemia should be created in his name

    Guido Westerwelle passed away from Leukemia. He wrote the book "Between Two Lives" during his treatment. It described the hardships one will face while suffering from leukemia. A small foundation would benefit others who have to deal with similar illnesses. Guido was also gay and supported many equality movements. This foundation should be based on the idea of helping anyone and everyone who suffer from leukemia, regardless of their sexual orientation, race or other factors.

  • Yes, Guido Westerwelle will be remembered fondly.

    Guido Westerwelle will be remember as a very talented politician that help the lives of many German citizens. He formed coalition with the government of Chancellor Merkel. She said he was a very loyal person who was thoughtful and kind. She also expressed how much he would be missed by his colleagues.

  • Westerwell, should be remembered well.

    Guido Westerwelle should be remembered well. No matter what the general opinion about the integrity of this man, at some point in his life, as in the lives of any person who ever lived, there is something in their lives that can be counted as being good. And for these things, he should be remembered.

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