How should Immigrants be let into the US (Yes) or how should they be kept out (No)? Please provide a plan

Asked by: RGarland
  • We need them for the economy.

    The United States is going to have to deal with the problem of the aging population very soon, and it is very likely that we will not have enough young people to support the economy once the baby boomers all retire. For this reason we need to be accepting more immigrants from the rest of the world as to bolster our worker population.

  • Everyone is an immigrant

    Unless you are 100% Native America. You came from some other place. Everyone is equal, yes? So everyone's right to be able to MOVE some other place because of tensions or better opportunities. It is actually pretty hard for terrorists to fulfill their "duty". Because first they must keep contact with their fellows and blend in with American society in order not to stick out like a sore thumb. By then private spies might be able to know what is being planned so that wouldn't actually be a problem. There is no reason a person shouldn't be allowed to move, and building a wall, trapps the people inside, inside forever.

  • Let them in

    So my reason for creating this is because I will be attending a government conference soon and have put forth a proposal to create a new process of legalization, but my old ideas are rubbish and I need new ones within the next month. I hope you fellow intellectuals will bring new ideas to the table, and if they're good I'll make sure to present them to the National Issues Forum. This is your chance to make a REAL difference! Show me what you've got!

  • Don't Sacrifice our Countries Morals

    We should absolutely let in the immigrants. Unless you are 100% Native American you are an immigrant too. Our country is based off of morals of being a "land of opportunity and freedom". That is unless you are forgetting the huge chunk of our history with Elise Island. And there are statistically just as many dangerous and mentally unstable people in the US already as there are "terrorists" in places like Syria. And has it ever occurred to you people that maybe the immigrants coming into our country could contribute great things to our nation. NOT ALL IMMIGRANTS FIT INOT YOUR STEREOTYPICAL IDEAL!! Would it kill you to have an open mind?

  • Yes they should be let in the USA

    They are humans like us they deserve a bright future like us. Remeber all the families in the USA have migrated at some point. They aren't bad people they should have a future like we did without people coming from different countries what would this place look like? We wouldn't be United like we are supposed to be

  • Everyone deserves rights

    All emigrant's should be allowed into the United States because if you think about it everyone is technically an immigrant for example, the ancestors of our ancestors are from France, Italy, Russia. So everyone, I mean everyone should be treated the same, either you are an African American, American, Russian, French, Italian, we should be treated equally.

  • Put Americans First

    Most immigrants from countries much worse off than the US, legal or illegal, are bringing their culture with them. This culture can still be seen in the second or third generation, They vote in their interests while burdening the taxpayer billions each year. I believe it is absurd to expect so much money to go to foreign nationals while good people born here are forced to live on the streets while not receiving half the amount of government support that immigrants do. Even illegal immigrants, whom commit a lot of crime and cost a lot of money, are treated better than veterans or the homeless. I think that until every American is taken care of and everyone who wants a job gets one, we must severely shut down immigration and only accept the best.

    A plan for actually getting rid of illegal immigrants is secondary to securing our borders to begin with. As what use is it if they can just run back to America. I believe that we should first increase border security through building a wall and increasing border patrol.

    Posted by: Nawl
  • The illegal ones.

    Of course the first part is to keep the new ones from getting in. Unlike our neighbors to the north, many of our southern neighbors have no respect for our nations borders so we need to enforce them. They say good fences create good neighbors so lets make a great fence or a double fence as some plans have indicated. Of course, this would include lots of razor wire and patrols. In the future, I could imagine more modern versions like sonic ones that deter the unwanted instead of just trying to stop them.

    Then there is the matter of the illegal ones that are already here. From what I understand, the biggest problem is cost.
    -Seeing that it is customary to impose fines on law breakers, I say we direct the cost to those who are breaking the law starting with the money they have earned here illegally. Seeing that it would be gained illegally like drug deals, it would be seized and not part of their fine.
    -Their fine would be another additional cost to them. If they can pay off the fine, we transfer them to the border in bulk to reduce the cost instead of a few at a time.
    -If they can not afford the fine, we could have them work off the fine by other means. Seeing that many farm so far require them for harvesting, we could lease them to the farm till their debt is paid. Eventually, ways of harvesting would need to be invented much like how it was done to replace slavery in the post civil war south.
    -If these work farms are unavailable or otherwise less of an option, we could also have them help fabricate, build, and/or improve on the fence.
    -I think by having them work off their deportation cost, it would not only reduce/eliminate it as a factor but also help fund the building of the fence. It would further help deter any future illegal immigrants as any money they get paid could be seized.

    Of course there is the issue with those that commit other crimes while here like illegal drugs. From what I understand, their own country has even worse punishments so we could just ship them to their officials after their fine is taken care of.

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vi_spex says2016-01-30T12:11:49.170
Civilized worlds cant stand with free flow.. To many muslims
vi_spex says2016-01-30T13:43:51.303
Shoot all islamists, let the rest in