• Can prevent but never completely stop.

    Bullying happens all over the place. Not only within school, but on the internet with social networks (such as facebook, twitter, skype, Emailing etc.). The sheer number of the types of bullying that exists and the attempt to completely eradicate them is unrealistic.

    As a school though, harsher punishments can only make the number smaller, and the bullying harder to detect (bully threatening their victim with consequences if they "dobbed them in".) The way in which a school can prevent bullying is rather double-sided. Harsher penalties can only encourage different types of bullying. All in all, bullying, unfortunately, will always exist and nothing can be done to eradicate it.

  • Schools can at least try harder than they have been trying to prevent bullying in schools.

    While I don't think schools can completely prevent bullying, there is much they can do in the way of lessening occurrences of bullying. They can hold assemblies talking to kids about the dangers of bullying, they can be strict on what they will and will not allow in terms of bullying. There are many things to be done, but bullying will never completely go away, unfortunately.

  • Yes They Can

    Schools can definitely prevent bullying. It can be done by making students aware of the consequences of bullying. Both on the bully and their victims. They can also highlight how they will be punished if it happens in school. Another thing schools can do is tell students how to handle bullies.

  • Yes obviously they can

    Do you want your school to be full of bullies? Obviously not. In other high schools, the principal had made posters to persuade and inspire other people to stop the catastrophic bullying and be kind to everyone. “We need to understand that this is a public health problem faced by a third of our children, it has a major effect on their academic performance as well as their mental and physical health.” said dr.Federick Rivera,chairman of the committee compiling the report. Making posters would help the bullies know that they are wrong and hopefully change the situation.So this demonstrates that making posters is a good way to stop the ruinous ongoing issue of bullying.

  • Schools can help stop prevent bullying

    Kids teachers and parents can all help prevent bullying. We need to first know the signs and what to do. We can look for the signs and stand up for the victim and get help. If people work together we can hopefully end bullying for good. We have the power and capability to stop bullying. We just need to speak up and say it needs to stop

  • Why not then?

    The school is able to take care of how the school is going and that is easy the schools have some guards walking around the school to see problems. So, I say that the school has lot of ways which are able to see if the students are not bullying each other.

  • Schools can Prevent Bullying.

    Schools can help prevent bullying by paying attention to students' behaviors. If a teacher sees bullying, they can work with the students to resolve the issue. Students who are responsible for bullying can be punished or removed from the school. It takes the whole community working together to stop bullying.

  • Sorry, But no.

    There is no way to truly eradicate bullying. People are always going to be cruel. Although it is sad it is the truth. I wish and I hope there is a way eventually, But until then we must face the facts that there truly is no hope of people stopping. It is all of a sudden cool to be mean. If you are tough and mean that is all that matters. I don't think that is right, But unfortunately there is no way of stopping those that bully.

  • Men and women + Boys and girls

    Both sexes will always bully others. It is a sad fact but it is true. Whether it be to their face or subliminal it does not matter. People confide in others, sadly to create trust in school systems people tell secrets. A man or women who can deal with a bully on her own is much better than a man or woman who always has to go and tell on the other person. Essentially taddle tailing is a weak thing to do you prove already that you can not handle the problem on your own. Back in my fathers day if two people had a problem they would settle it and generally not get into much trouble. The whole "Go tell someone" is not good for child development. It creates weak minded individuals that do not understand that we all live in a doggy dog world.

  • I don't think so

    Schools barely do anything for bullying.One assembly isn't enough.Talking about it isn't enough.You need to show more to it.You can't just say words.You need to show why the kids need to stop bullying.I think that's why nothing is solved.You can't think that your school is bully free when all you do is hold assemblies for it.I think the schools need to do more like show the effects on bullying.I do think bullying needs to be stopped but the way the world has been handling it isn't enough to stop it.

    Posted by: k724
  • People cant stop their problems

    Bullies bully others because there're hurt they have problems that prevent them from seeing light. Bullies have deep seeded issues some thing deep and dark is blocking their empathy. They cant stop themselves its is a problem but you don't have a clue what's happening behind them. Schools cant stop bulling if they don't know why they are bulling. Nobody can see why they are bulling except them.

  • Human nature doesn't change.

    While the assumption that humanity can be removed from humans can be a pleasant thought, this philosophy simply isn't true. There will always be lazy, greedy, selfish, aggressive individuals in society. Bullies will always exist. You can create rules and monitor children to reduce bullying, but you will never be able to end it entirely.

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