How should the United States immigration problem be fixed (Yes for tighter controls. No for less strict and describe what you think would work best.)

Asked by: T-hagan
How should the United States immigration problem be fixed (Yes for tighter controls. No for less strict and describe what you think would work best.)
  • A "wall" isn't the answer

    I believe that we need to support immigration eccspecialy from countries in need and the travel ban should be abolished. In order to fix this problem our background checks should be extensive into the past of people from all countries not just countries trump says. Thses are my opinions. Thankyou

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  • You wouldn't leave your front door open

    Immigrants made this country what it is today, no argument, but we are in a time were there is not unlimited grow and potential like 100 years ago. We have an unemployment they is promoted in 4% range, but some believe it's actually in the 10% range due to people not looking for jobs. The support systems in the US for helping those down on their luck is being stretched and can't continue.
    We have reached the point where we have to closely monitor and restrict the amount of people we let in for the good of the country.
    At one time in history we were the big life boat that could take all that came, but the life boat is getting really fully, so now we need to be more selective.

  • Also for employers.

    There are a few problems with just deporting them.
    1. The cost. From what I have read, the average cost to deport each illegal is over $10,000. If you multiply that by all the illegals, that is a huge amount of money.
    2. Farmers. Many farmers say that they need illegals to keep costs down. That, without illegal workers, they may be forced to grow their crops in another country or have to raise the price of food that they grow. Sorry but this is the same excuse the south gave for keeping slaves.
    3. Money. Just as with other crimes, as long as their is money to be made, people will still commit the crime. In this case, both the illegals and those that hire them make money off it.
    How do we solve these problems?
    Fines. Look, we already place fines on people who commit various crimes. These fines help pay for things like court costs and other legal expenses. Sure, many or most illegals may not have enough money to pay the fine so we could have them work it off. The farmers and other existing employers of illegals will, at least for now, still need cheap labor. We would be housing them anyway but we could also lease them out to local farmers. From the income, we subtract any extra expenses like transportation and put the rest towards their fine. Once the fine is paid, we deport them. This would at least reduce the cost of deportation if not eliminate it.
    Over time, we would have fewer and fewer illegals to hire out. Thing is, seeing that it gives a bit of time before they are gone, farmers can take this opportunity to mechanize. Look, we already have equipment that can harvest things from trees to peas, obviously we can develop more to harvest their products. The farmer may not even have to buy the equipment but just hire crews that follow the crops and charge a percentage to harvest them. This is already being done in other parts of the country so it should work there too. Because these harvesters may not exist yet, this would create manufacturing jobs as well as employment for those who run and maintain the equipment.
    Because some employers may resist change, they may still seek illegal workers giving them employment. For employers caught the first time, we capture all their illegals and impose a huge fine as a warning. If they continue to hire illegals, we wipe them out by seizing all assets including the business and maybe impose jail time. Who would be better to work prison farms that a farmer?
    I think if we implement these practices, we would not only get rid of existing illegals cheaply but remove any motive for any future illegals. We may not even need a wall. It would also make more room to allow more immigrants in legally. That means only one problem to solve.
    4. Liberals that would oppose it.

  • Deport illegals and make a path for citizenship

    I do believe that we need a border wall to keep illegal immigrants out, however, we should make it easier to become a citizen. We would first have a deportation “campaign” To get illegals who are criminals out of the country. They will no longer be allowed in the country. After this we need to halt all immigration before a plan is finalized to simplify and streamline the process of becoming a citizen. Once such a plan is implemented we will allow immigration again. This way, people who are fleeing places like Honduras (and other Central American crime havens) have a way to become a citizen without waiting years and years. Immigrants should have to learn English from a free government program as well. We should give out work visas and incentivize the smartest of foreigners to live here so they can contribute to American businesses. There should be a travel ban to and from countries with high risk for terrorist activity. Countries such as Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, etc.

  • Is this strict?

    Send all of the illegal immigrants to several of Mexico's border cities at the edge of Mexico and USA at once. Encourage them to declare independence from Mexico and asked to be annexed into USA. Annex and solve immigration problem for sixteen years or so. Five words left well I-

  • Strong States have Strong Borders

    I can't think of a single academic paper that I have ever come by that says a strong state is characterized by weak borders. The control of borders is foundational to a states ability to control its assets, taxable labor, and to ensure that its resources are spread to a controlled population. Anything less than that is weakening. No illegal immigration, period.

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