How the Victoria Secret Angels exercise: Would you train like an Angel?

  • Hard work pays off.

    The Victoria Secret Angels undergo a tough and rigorous workout routine in order to keep their bodies in peak physical condition. While it may seem daunting to some, you cannot get results without hard work, dedication and determination. These women show the increidble results that can be achieved if you are willing to commit to a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • If I had the time and money

    I can't imagine actually having all that time to dedicate to exercise and diet, but if I had an unlimited budget, I'd give it a try. Sure, why not train like an Angel, as long as I had a trainer, chef, personal shopper, full time maid, and a nanny. I enjoy exercise, but I also have a life.

  • It is not my favorite.

    The Victoria Secret angels do a lot of exercises that make their body longer. They do a lot of stretching. They would also do a lot of yoga and pilates. These exercises give them the bodies that they want. Those are not my favorite types of exercise. I like to train for power and quick muscle movements.

  • No Angel Training

    No, I would not train like a Victoria's Secret Angel. Even if I was beautiful and able to train that strenuously I would not choose to do so. The Angels, along with sports figures, dancers, and entertainers often have extreme training regimens and that's fine for the, but as a member of the general public I'll stick with being average.

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