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  • Let us commence a journey into the much travelled topic of "how."

    The constantly changing fashionable take on how demonstrates the depth of the subject. Indispensable to homosapians today, it is yet to receive proper recognition for laying the foundations of democracy. Inevitably feelings run deep amongst those most reliant on technology, who are likely to form a major stronghold in the inevitable battle for hearts and minds. Keeping all of this in mind, in this essay I will examine the major issues. Social Factors

    Interweaving social trends form a strong net in which we are all trapped. When Thucictholous said 'people only know one thing' [1] he failed to understand that if one seriously intends to 'not judge a book by its cover', then one must read a lot of books. Spanning divides such as class, race and uglyness, how is quite good.

    Primarily how builds trust among the people. Society is powered by peer pressure, one of the most powerful forces in the world. As long as peer pressure uses its power for good, how will have its place in society.

    Economic Factors

    Increasingly economic growth and innovation are being attributed to how. Of course, how fits perfectly into the Greek-Roman model, as is standard in this case.

    It is apparent from the graph that the influence of how is strong. What is the secret to its strength? It goes with out saying that oil prices will eventually break free from the powerful influence of how, but not before we see a standardised commercial policy for all. Perhaps to coin a phrase howeconomics will be the buzz word of the century

    Political Factors

    Modern politics owes much to the animal kingdom. Politicians find it difficult to choose between what has become known in politics as - 'The two ways' - playing with a puppy and singing with a blackbird.

    Consider this, spoken at the tender age of 14 by style icon Bartholomew T. Time 'Taking a walk across hot coals will inevitably hurt your feet.' [2] Amazingly, he new nothing of how until he was well into his thirties. If I may be as bold as to paraphrase, he was saying that 'political ideals are built on the solid cornerstone of how.'

    One of the great ironies of this age is how. Isn't it ironic, don't you think?

    We can conclude that the how has a special place in the heart of mankind. It inspires, provides financial security and it is human.

    As a parting shot here are the words of super-star Elton J. Fox: 'I would say without a shadow of a doubt: how ROCKS!!! [3]

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    [this space intentionally left blank]

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  • Because No, That's How!

    Now YYW intelligently asks how? However he only gives us half the question, because in the end, how not? If we cannot establish the how, or the how not are we really even making progress here? I believe until the "how not" is established we must fully assume the answer is no.
    In the same way, if my friend asked me how "how"? I would only be able to appropriately respond with "how not" because that is the only logical answer to such a question. In fact, "how not" is an appropriate answer to all 'how" questions so we should use it to answer every question that begins with "how"; I guarantee your teachers and professors will be impressed with the sheer amount of intelligence you radiate!

    I rest my case. Good question YYW.

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  • Of course not.

    Overemphasis on causal relations inevitably leads to misconceptions by the nature of induction and human fallibility. Description of changing processes without impugning a "how" allows for complete accuracy failing only to the extent the multiple people can inaccurately perceive the same process without recognizing and correcting the incongruency. In other words, "of course not."

  • Space isn't a complete vacuum.

    Nothing scientifically is a vacuum. NASA may own some vacuum chambers, but we think that a vacuum is a space with no air in it. A vacuum is a space of emptiness, no atoms or particles exist in the space. Space contains trillions of atoms and particles, so space is far from a vacuum. It also contains heat as well, with a temperature of 3,000 degrees Celsius.The only proper vacuum is the borders of space, which is constantly expanding. So no space is blank, except if you beat millenniums of speed...

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YYW says2013-06-11T06:51:30.813
My answer was written by an essay generator. Roflmao
Blue_Strawberries says2013-06-23T21:28:53.057
You ever have those "realistic dreams"? Where when you wake up it feels so real, you could swear it happened. How do we know that this isn't all a dream? A subconscious way of showing our pro-conscious that if we lived life a certain way, our choices would cause a certain effect. This could all be a moving image, like a movie that never ends unless we make it end in our conscious. It could actually, be possible. Research has showed many patients in Austrailia and Greece that were under a "coma" like life since they have been born. How do we not know that our "bodies" are in some other place in a "coma" like way, and we are the thoughts. (to make it clear, if someone is in a coma, they can not move or speak. But can hear everything outside that is being said to them.) so, our "thoughts" or "the little voice in our head" could be the people talking around us where our "coma" like body really is. Better yet, we could just simply be a character in our bodies dream that our body wants to be,or maybe that is dreaming of to be. In the brain, there are certain parts that can make the human body be in a "sleep" mode. But our brains are still working, just from the outside we look dead. Like a zombie perhaps? Maybe that's where the zombie comes from? Our "coma" body might not want our life to end. So even after they body makes us die in it"s "dream" we could be a "zombie" or a half alive person that is still thirsty for life. I don't believe in god, so i don't know if hell and heaven are even there. But for our bodies maybe out of the fear of not knowing where our dead self goes after death, they keep us alive, as a "zombie" but then again , lol maybe i'm just thinking too much. :P