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    In this article, We will discuss almost every topic about what is fleet management? Fleet Management software addresses the challenges faced by fleet managers.

    How much knowledge do you have? Do you really know about logistics and fleet?

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    Logistics and Transportation is a vast aggressively competitive business in this economy. Every year lots of people entering into logistics business, But how many are successful?

    Do you want to become successful in this industry?

    Knowledge is the key to become successful! Transportation industry supports all sectors of economy — Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sectors! Approximately 10 million trucks are running in Indian roads. But what about the logistics sector? Still most of the companies are unorganised in India!

    Logistics are vast, Logistics are deep, Logistics are enormous.

    Here we are, To guide you in the right direction.

    Logistics is just a part of Supply Chain Management, Transportation is just a part of Logistics, Fleet is just a part of Transportation. Do you agree?

    Every dot in Supply Chain and Logistics are interconnected. Let’s get more information about logistics deeper and grow with logistics in this article.

    Fleet Management is the management of transportation and logistics vehicles. It includes various commercial motor vehicles such as cars, Ships, Vans and trucks.

    Fleet management (here we discuss vehicles such as trucks) can include a variety of functions, Such as truck financing, Truck maintenance, Vehicle telematics (location tracking and analytics), Driver management and roistering, Asset tracking, Speed management, Fuel management and health and safety management.

    Fleet Management helps to eliminate or reduce the risks associated with vehicle investment, Improvement in efficiency, Productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs. These functionalities can be incorporated either as an in-house fleet-management department or through an outsourced fleet-management provider.

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