How to find out if your kids are sexting on Snapchat: Is this an invasion of privacy?

  • Yes this is Invasion Privacy based on age.

    I believe that teens that are in highschool ages 15+ should be able to make their own decisions. They know the negatives that can happen to them, but its their choice so let them learn the hard way. Parents need to let their kids grow up and stop babying them when their teenagers

  • Yes it is an invasion, As bad as walking in on them during private time.

    Sexting seems to be a part of life for the new generation. It's a type of self exploration and teens sext for various reasons. Number one it can be an attempt to boost self esteem, Two it could be a way to test trust, Three it's a way to have sexual interaction without the risk of pregnancy or STIs. With all of the above in mind, Having a parent using one of these skin detecting background apps will kill the relationship between them and their teen. Suddenly there is tension on both parallels due to a perceived lack of trust on either parties side.

    My point of reference is myself, I made some stupid decisions 3 years ago when I was 15, And I have learnt to take responsibility for my actions and deal with the consequences.

    I believe everyone should have that opportunity as teenagers; with of course some guidance from the parents, When you decide to have the sex talk, Please include sexting and as with contraceptives tell them how to safely sext so that the image cannot be traced back to them in anyway. As with sex if you tell them to abstain they can't help but stick their hand in the cookie jar.

  • Yes it is.

    I think that parents should not invade the privacy. Unless the parent needs to. It normally makes the child or teen uncomfortable and they need to have their privacy and not being invading into privacy of the children only child teen or tween. (yes or no? You choose your decision)

  • This is an invasion of privacy

    If your "child" is 17 years old, then you should not atthis point be trying to control their lives. Some rules are necessary, of course, but they are old enough to ultimately make their own decisions. If they are any younger than that then it is up to the parent whether or not the kid is responsible enough for those things.

  • Your kids privacy

    You should ask kids if they have a girlfriend and if its serious.If they say no them leave them alone but if they say yes the you can go threw your kids stuff.Cause what parent will sta;k their kid just to find stuff out so ask kids. Yes check and if no leave alone.

  • It is an invasion of privacy:

    Parents are required to invade privacy at times. So it is definitely an invasion of privacy but that does not mean that is malicious in nature. I would promote the idea that the intention when such things are done counts for more than the actions themselves specifically because it is protective in general and well-meaning.

  • Age Appropriate Snooping

    If you are a parent to a minor child you should be able to watch what your child is doing at all times if you feel it is completely necessary. I know that Snapchat could be a very easy space for underage children to engage in certain acts completely undetected. I also feel that if you don't want your child to have the ability to engage in this, then the opportunity should not be given so easily and ways in which this behavior is made easier should be removed from the platform by the parent or guardian.

  • It's saving them from themselves

    With all of the raging hormones, teens think that sexting is a good idea at the time, only to later find out that their boyfriend took a snapshot of the photo, let his friend use his phone who found the photo and sent it to himself, have him send it to his friend who sends it to everyone on his phone, leading to the girl being embarrassed enough to kill herself. Teens nowadays need to learn to control themselves so they don't do something stupid and who better to teach them then their parents. There is no better way to teach someone a lesson then through embarrassment, so parents finding out about this will certainly send a message. This is not an invasion of privacy because first off, it their parents who have complete control over their children who are the ones invading, and second off its for the teen's own good.

  • Snapchar privacy issue

    No I do not think that this is an invasion of privacy by any means what so ever. When minors are involved it is not entirely their choice. If it is someone's child that is putting themselves in danger on these types of apps then parents should be able to monitor it.

  • Parents Have To Try and Protect Their Children

    Protecting children is a parent's most sacrosanct task. It doesn't go beyond doing anything to protect them, but it is very close. Trying to protect kids from themselves is hard enough, without having to protect them predators and those who would do them harm. Every generation explores sexuality in their own way, but it has to come from a place of becoming an adult.

  • No, it is.

    Considering that it is illegal for children to do that, I would very much say that it is not an invasion of privacy. Children should not be on Snapchat and it is a parents responsiblity to monitor the internet for their children. Parents who fail to do this could have children that find themselves in uncomfortable situations.

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