How to pronounce it: Rune-scape (yes) or Run-escape? (no)

Asked by: yesuke
  • Just look at the website.

    Ok, so if you google 'runescape', you can find the link leading to the website at the top. You can then use your eyes to see that the 'R' & 'S' in the name are capitalized, not the 'R' & the 'E'. So it's pronounced 'Rune-Scape'. Not 'Run-Escape'. Oh and the cover for the PS2 (along with other consoles I really cannot be bothered to mention) version has them as 2 separate words.

  • Runes Major Part of Game

    Runes are a major part of the MMORPG Runescape. By definition, a "runescape" is a world formed or run by runes. Run-escape is a cute definition or pronunciation of the name as it is easy to make fun of gamers and the games they love, just like World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Elder Scrolls, Pokemon, Elfquest, and more.

  • Yes, the word is pronounced like "rune," not "run."

    The correct pronunciation for Runescape is like the pagan word "rune," not like the word "run." Developers meant for it to have the long u vowel sound, not the short u sound. When people say the word, they pronounce it "rune scape" rather than "run escape," which also has an obtuse sound to it.

  • Run Escape OBVI!!

    Obviously, you idiots, it's Run-Escape. The entire point of the game is to escape from the evil monsters that roam the lands. The only way to escape is to run. Which is why, it is called RUN-Escape. Not Rune-Scape. Like what the hell is RuneScape. That makes no sense, ya dingus.

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