• This is not a Yes or No question

    But in my humble opinion, The Christian God was created like all the other thousand Gods: stories! It is a way to control masses and weak minded folk. Instill fear of some punishment and there you go, "nice working people" for the fortunate and powerful rich ones. Check the Indian gods, Buddhist etc. All these gods have very similar stories.

  • Perhaps this should be on Reddit

    While I am personally an agnostic, Isn't God supposed to be the first cause? Therefore, Nothing came before God and nothing created God. If I were to give my personal opinion, I believe that the Christian deity was created like all other deities: evolution. Life was constant struggle back in Paleolithic times, And certain desires motivated people to survive the most. There were physical desires, Ego-comparative desires, Purpose-based desires, And spiritual desires. Love and attachment kept groups together, But worshipping a deity or multiple deities was probably a common way to feel a greater purpose and derive greater meaning from life's struggles.

  • It is not man made

    Budda is man made and can be traced. Hinduism and Roman and greek deities are documented when they were made and formed.
    The christian god is not made. It goes older way past the sumerians and into pre deluvian time.

    There was a sea over the Himalayas and over the whole world. The bible documents this and the future. It predicted the invention of mass and global communication.

  • Wasn't created as such

    God itself wasn't created by Christians. God created itself. God is the consciousness that prevails throughout the universe and is inside us all. God's consciousness created this universe out of a dream it had during its afterlife (God was originally a living thing that died in a universe before our own and through death gave birth to ours. . . Ok that's just my theory).
    Now for the Christian God Jesus. They definitely created the name and the story. Jesus was never someone who walked around in Roman times. . . . . That's just myth. The story of Jesus originated from Osiris in Egypt and was adapted to a Jewish version. Osiris represents our journey from birth, Life, Death to resurrection. Osiris/Jesus is NOT something to specifically worship. . . It is something we are supposed to become (a destination as such). Sadly Christians departed this belief when they over threw the Gnostics in the third and fourth century. A shame really.

  • Have you tried looking into it?

    Look into God and how his existence can be understood. The best source for this information would be St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica or if you just wanted a quick rundown of some of the most basic principles outline in the book you could look up the Cosmological Arguments for the Existence of God.

  • He was not Created

    For people who claimed to be enlightened you people sure like to repeat word for word the erroneous claims artiest and scoffers make.

    For example Richard Dawkins does not do archeology in the desert to prove his claims he just says that Jesus never existed and then his fans just say the same thing. God is man made and a tool to control blah blah.

    The only atheists that I respect are the ones that actually go into field and attempt to confirm their claims and admit when they are wrong.

    The bible proves historical facts. IN the middle of the red sea There are Egyptian chariot wheels. The actual nations mentioned in the bible existed and there is an odd place where sulfur fell from the sky.
    And I suggest you relook at how many dinosaur species there were because it turns out there are less than believed.

    People like dawkins are just a symptom of how messed up this world is

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