• The Chinese Economy has Improved

    The Chinese people benefit from a free and open economy. Wealth in their country has sky rocketed in the past 10 years, because China now participates in the global economy. Over time, this wealth will trickle down to everyone in China and the country as a whole will be better off. It's wonderful that Chinese leaders see the benefits for free market economics for their people.

  • Yes, China can learn from the U.S. experience how to grow the economy while curbing climate and air pollutants.

    A vital step going forward is a commitment by both countries to develop detailed long-term low-carbon transition plans. Deep emissions reductions require changes in the physical infrastructure and equipment that produce and use energy. Because the economic lifetimes of many key elements in the energy system—power plants, buildings, industrial boilers, freight trucks—are decades long, decisions made today have emissions consequences far into the future.

  • The Chinese people will utilize the information from the breakthrough for monetary gains.

    The Chinese people will earn profits by incorporating the information they have learned from the recent breakthrough. It is my belief that any information that can be used to make life more convenient will earn a profit when sold to an area that has a high demand for that product. Countries all over the world will benefit from this breakthrough, which will allow the Chinese to earn profit. It is my belief that the Chinese will soon patent the information they have learned from the breakthrough and sell it to those areas that are in demand for the product. Thus, this will allow China to earn monetary gains.

  • Yes, Chinese will benefit from breakthrough on climate change.

    The chines have one of the worst record in the world when it comes to climate change. However they stand the most t benefit from recent breakthroughs. They will benefit both with the quality of life in their country and economically. Chinese citizens endure one of the worst air qualities rates in the world. It is also a hotbed of technology especially those aimed at ending climate change. For these reasons they will benefit from recent breakthroughs.

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