How would the world be different if everyone was paid the same hourly wave, regardless of their profession or performance?

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  • It would be a dystopia

    As Utopian as it seems, where no matter if you're a neuroscientist or a garbageman, you are all payed the same, that seems great without a second thought but as you get deeper into it, you'll realise how that could revert society back centuries. Now, as a procrastinating, lazy guy, I understand humanity, we all try to do the easiest job, but when money is involved, we push ourselves, without the prospect of money, we'll grow lazy, tired and not develop, as we are all paid the same, the garbagemen, the shop assistant and the neuroscientist or whatever the job, they'll try to find the easiest job for them, I mean, who actually wishes to do a hard job when you can do an easy job for the same reward? People will get lazy, and nothing above being a shop assistant will really get done, people see no reward in becoming a scientist when you can be a part time chef making simple sandwiches and get paid the same. Of course, there is the people who do, will and have broken this stereotype, the doctors, nurses and such who actually care about your health, about saving lives, the inventors, scientists and mathematicians who wish to forward humanity, but these numbers would most likely become lower and lower, with poverty rising as bad spenders spend more, earlier deaths as people are issued antibiotics for everything because of lazy doctors and governments collapse as their leaders realise they're stressing over a country they have to run but only get paid the same as a clerk.

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