• Emp, or according to Wash, EMP.

    If Bats could drop an EMP, Iron Man would be a tin can. No power armor, no JARVIS, no nothing. Batman, being the richest guy in Gotham, probably has some EM scrambling lying around. Partially to discourage corporate rivals from sneaking in bugs, but he probably has some kryptonite lying around, just in case. By that logic, he's intensively studied everybody who's anybody, and could take them down.

  • He's is Batman

    Batman knows over 150 fighting style, he had traveled the world for 12 years to fine these fighting style. He is the master of illusion and is the world's greatest detective, he is also at the peek of human performance, he is always 10 steps ahead of you, is has already won the battle before it has began. He is admired by the god, furthermore superman consider him the most dangerous man on earth, and if the man of steel says that you know his a bad ass .

  • Iron Man FTW

    One of Iron Man's armors will make him as strong as the hulk. Batman's armor doesn't give him super-durability, so one punch would end him. None of Bruce's little gadgets or his adolescent sidekicks would get him out of this one. The winner is Iron Man.
    Also, Tony Stark is just as intelligent as Bruce Wayne. Saying batman is smarter won't help your case.

  • Assuming no combatants have foreknowledge of the other, Iron man wins.

    Iron man wins (with no foreknowledge) because the suit makes him impervious to hand to hand combat. There goes all the ninja training. It's wired against EMPs. There goes all the tech. Ironman's suit has taken hits from the hulk (500+ tons) so there goes any kind of explosives or projectiles. Iron man's suit has thermal imagery and motion detectors, so there goes the element of surprise. The yes side needs to stop worshipping Batman. It's almost as embarrassing as the Chuck Norris Worshippers.

  • Iron Man dominates

    Iron Man can fly and blast the hell out of Batman. Iron man's armor is far superior to Batman's gadgets. As long as Tony Stark is in his armor, Bruce Wayne can't use pressure points and many other fighting skills he has. The only way Batman could win might be if he gives Iron Man his explosive gel and Tony puts it on, and Batman detonates it. However that will make him the biggest coward and d*****bag ever.

  • Iron man got better tek

    His tek is op he can just use an emp to kill him or he could buy is company plus iron man can use 100 suiets at once and it would only take one plus ironmans a baddass and batman mans a fat man in a suit hes so easy to kill take his money away he will kill himself

  • Too many variables for me to decide who would win.

    I mean if both people had no prep time or knowledge of the other then I'm pretty sure iron man would win but it honestly depends on which writer interpretation of both characters we are talking about. I am a huge fan of both but I am not going to get on my knees and say batman is the winner just cause he is batman. There is just too many variables to count to see who would win. If I had to put money though I would put it on OP Iron Man rather then OP Batman

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