• Hp folio 9470m

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  • You walrus guacamole pieces of nut

    Shut up about your god damn hp polio or whatevrer that is. I don't care i will bend that laptop backwards. 320 gb is about enough for half of my minecraft worlds. I don't need a laptop like tha so take your polio with a 9-5 3rd gen or whatever that crap is and your 320 britains adn shove it.

  • Junk laptop and store do not buy

    Obvious scammer. You can get better laptop. This can barely run windows and Linux on LOW POWER. Even people in India would not want this. I can find this in the trash or in a store for the poor. I bet that it is old and already breaking down. Look at alibaba or ebay for a good deal. Who would even buy this stop wating your time and just give up.

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