HPV vaccine for young girls: Should parents have their daughters get a HPV vaccine shot?

  • Parents should have their daughters get an HPV vaccine shot.

    The HPV vaccine is an important step in preventing cancer in women. There is no reason why all women should not get this vaccine, no matter what age they are. In case they do have sex at a young age, they will be protected. It's better to stay safe than to cling to antiquared, puritanical ideals.

  • Yes they should but not required.

    I feel that any protection you can give your child to avoid getting a disease or illness should be weighed carefully and considered. The HPV vaccine can prevent certain types of cervical cancer in girls and it is now given to young men to prevent sexually transmitted viruses. I don't think it should be a requirement however I do feel that it should be given. If we had a vaccines for HIV.. Wouldn't you want to protect you child against it.

  • Money and hpv

    Why should people pay 400$ for this vaccine. There may be a really poor family with barley any money and then when she turns 12 there parents have to pay for this vaccine, but they dont have the money. So why would you expect this family to get this vaccine, this is a problme for soo many americans today

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