http://chng. It/q4wgmTV9 Will you sign this petition to save the Sabrina Netflix show?

  • I want Sabrina to continue

    This show needs to wrap up its story lines. It does not deserve to be cancelled this early. Join in the fight to stop Netflix from cancelling a wonderful show. You will be giving your voice in a stand against tv cancellation. What will you choose to do? Speak up. It’s the right thing to do.

  • I will not sign that petition

    I don't even know what that sjw netflix show is. I do not care so I will not sign. You cannot make me. I will fight til my last breath to not sign that Sabrina Netflix petition. It won't happen. In fact since you love it so much I hope it is permanently cancelled. Since you love it so much I will start a petition to get it permanently cancelled.

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