Huckabee Aims for Seniors with Social Security Pitch in Florida: Should Social Security be a major topic in the next election?

  • Yes, Social Security should be a major topic in the next election.

    It is very unlikely that social security will last much longer. We've been focusing all our funding and taxes towards other things and our social security is running out. Young adults will not have the luxury of social security when they retire unless it is addressed soon. We need to know what is going to be done about it.

  • Social Security Should Always Be An Important Issue.

    Social Security has suffered major problems and is in danger of going broke. Any candidate should have this issue on their agenda. All of the baby boomers are starting to retire and what are they going to do if there is no money? Candidates do need to focus on terrorism, foreign policy and jobs, but Social Security is also a very critical issue.

  • Yes, social security is an important issue

    Yes, social security should be a major topic in the next election. Millions of American seniors depend on social security to support them in their retirement. They need to know whether the next elected government will continue to provide the support they need. Many seniors are concerned about a decline in social security and this concern needs to be addressed.

  • America is aging

    The USA has an aging population, as does the world, with more people now over 70 than ever. These are a key demographic as they are more likely to vote and more likely to be interested in politics than younger people. Huckabee is merely targeting a demographic in an attempt to win at votes but the topic of social security is more valid and should be discussed now more than ever.

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