• Yes, celebrity death hoaxes are funny.

    Some people may argue that celebrity death hoaxes are in bad taste. But ultimately I feel as though they are merely having a bit of fun at the expense of an overly-eager media. No matter the celebrity, if they are still alive, then they obviously know that themselves, and they remain unharmed by the rumor. The media, on the other hand, are made to look like fools, and rightly so, as obnoxious as they can sometimes be.

  • Death is No Joke

    Death hoaxes wouldn't be funny if they were your grandmother, so why would they amuse you just because they are a celebrity? It is bad enough that our society watches real celebrity deaths with the same (or more) ravenous interest that we devote to CSI and other crime shows, and then the tragedy is at least real. With celebrity death hoaxes, the only humor seems to be in the light it draws to the twisted nature of celebrity itself--to boost a client back onto the world's radar, one must first kill them off. Why must celebrities always be in the spotlight, dead or alive, and why do we find this funny, not sad?

  • No, Death hoaxes are terrible.

    Death is very upsetting, it happens to everyone, but no one wants it to happen to them or someone that they love. It is the final irreversible end of live, and a cause for grief. Death hoaxes cause a terrible amount of emotional turmoil for the loved ones of those believed dead. But celebrity death hoaxes are worse, because millions grieve the deaths of celebrities. Even though we don't know them personally, we know enough about them to be touched by their deaths. Such hoaxes merely serve to upset fans and create unnecessary grief. They have no redeeming value and are certainly not funny at all.

  • No, celebrity death hoaxes are not funny.

    I do not believe that celebrity death hoaxes are funny because they can cause emotional distress to the friends and family of the celebrity in question. Any regular person would be enraged if someone spread a rumor that their friend or family member was dead and celebrities should not be an exception to this rule.

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