• Bring back the Hulkster!

    WWE needs to bring back its greatest star of all time. The young generations need to see the Hulkster Hollywood Hulk Hogan back in the ring. It does not matter who he fights. It does not matter what he does. Hulk Hogan is a brand name. He has a synergistic effect while being near the ring.

  • Hulk Hogan's Final Match

    I feel that his fans would love it. I personally used to watch Hulk Hogan and he is such a character. It would be nice if it was based around a charity effort. I think it would be entertaining to see him back it for one last time and it would certainly get a lot of following.It would cool if he wrestled more than one person.

  • Too old and too injured.

    Hulk Hogan has had nine back surgeries and is sixty one years old. The injury risk for someone like this is far too high. Any wrestling promoter with any sense would not take the risk. Hogan himself should not take the risk as a one time pay off is not worthy the rest of your life.

  • Hulk is played out

    Hulk Hogan while remaining his boyish frame, and no doubt ring worthy is way past his day. One more match would just be a publicity stunt at best. His divorce cast a dim light on him and this seems to be his new way of entering the world again. There are many other productive things he can do.

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