Human birth control pills work on gorillas. Are gorillas closer to humans than we think?

  • Yes they are.

    Yes, gorillas are closer to humans than we think. Look at Koko the gorilla. She can communicate with us through sign language. She regularly expresses feelings through her communications; she's sad when someone dies, and she's happy when people visit her. She had a kitten that she loved and took care of. These examples show that gorilla and humans aren't that far apart.

  • Yes, we are very similar.

    Gorillas are very close to the human race. The fact that birth control pills were tested successfully on the species is miraculous. Some of the animals even experienced agressive mood changes, as women do with the hormones of birth control. Gorillas are also similar to humans in that they catch many of the same diseases humans do, and die off. We also cannot forget Koko, the gorilla in the 80s who successfully learned sign language and warmed our hearts.

  • Gorillas share a lot of human DNA.

    Gorillas are one of the closest relations human beings have in the animal kingdom. This means that the physiology of human beings and gorillas tends to be much more closely aligned than is assumed. Not only have gorillas been successfully introduced to human contraceptive pills but they are also treated with much of the same medicine for diseases as human beings.

  • Similarities to gorillas don't make us the same

    One, or even several similarities between humans and gorillas don't make us close to the same species. Perhaps we share more traits with gorillas than other species, but humans are very distinct. Personally, I believe God created people in His image and they are unique among all of God's creation. God also created gorillas, but made them to be animals. He made men to be intelligent, to love, and to have moral capacity. No other animal on earth is like humans.

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