Human brain cells improve the function of mice: Should scientists mix human cells with animals?

  • It would be helpful

    It could further scientific research, especially understanding of how the brain evolved, how we become more intelligent than other animal? Also, we can even make ourselves more intelligent in the future. There isn't really any ethical concern with this experiment, because overall, we are animals too, just evolved to be much smarter than other animals.

  • Yes, it could be helpfull.

    Efforts by researchers to grow the first embryos containing cells from humans and pigs proved more challenging than anticipated, they report in a new study. Human/animal chimeras can offer insights into early human development and disease onset and provide a realistic drug-testing platform. They may also someday provide a means of growing human cells, tissues, and organs for regenerative medicine. For now, however, they are helping scientists understand how human stem cells grow and specialize.

  • Yes, i agree.

    I think they should do this. So long as they are hurting no one, i don't see a problem with this. Scientists are researchers and they help us learn a lot of things through their discoveries. We can therefore understand how the human brain works and who we really are.

  • No, they should leave nature alone.

    Scientists are always finding new creative ways to disrupt and altar what God created. No, they shouldn't mix anything between humans and animals. They are not our kind. We are not animals, and we were not made to mate or mix with animals. We were made to have dominion over them and care for them. Period. Scientists may want to start spending their time developing cures for human cancer, AIDS and other fatal diseases instead of engaging in odd cross-species work.

  • This is outrageous!

    I am all for scientific advancement but this really ruffles my feathers. Scientists should focus on curing diseases and making the world and it's environment better. Mixing human and animal cells is a travesty and it's one of the reasons why I have reservations about stem cell research despite understanding its importance and benefits. It's experiments like this that give rise to the far right.

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