Human Genetic Engineering: Should the modifying of human genes be pursued?

  • If done responsibly, it can save lives.

    Human genetic engineering has the potential to save us from many horrible diseases. If human genes can be modified to eliminate things like pre-disposition to cancer, or diabetes, or even addiction, we can save millions of lives, and trillions of dollars. However, I do not believe it should be used to create a "super baby" or to eliminate things like homosexuality.

  • Super Beneficial to the coming future generations and not just future but present too.

    I think It's a great opportunity that we may take to develop great aspects to people among us who need help. Not just help but talking about the future, we’ll be able to improve false birth affect. It’s of course a risky thing to do but it can benefit millions of people in the future and present days.

  • It should be pursued

    -It is just another advancement in technology that extends our capabilities as humans. It can save lives and push the human race forward. It also ends terminal illnesses. Obviously there are ethical issues, but when have there not been? GE is the next step in mankind's existence on the earth.

  • Do not mess with nature

    In debates such as these we use the utilitarian argument, but we should examine more than potential consequences when it comes to determining the moral worth of anything; what are the risks? Just because we can, does it mean we should? And money should never be used as a justification. We have no idea if modifying the human genetic code will be stable, what type of damage it could do.

  • It should be pursued.

    The modification of human genes through human genetic engineering should be pursued. Human genetic engineering will allow for many diseases to be cured through gene modification, and other disabilities can be fixed. Human genetic engineering will be a huge step in medical advancement and more countries need to be pushing for it.

  • No one should be perfect.

    The fixing of certain diseases and disorders is good, but when do we draw the line? Some people around the world are wanting to create their own babies, which is possible through genetic engineering. The way of life has such a perfect balance and messing with it could cause disaster.

  • Trait selection doesn't affect choices or emotions.

    If you program a child to be good at one thing, you're sacrificing another trait. Just because your "superior" child is extremely good at football doesn't meant that they will like it, and if they find out about genetic engineering the relationship between child and parent could be broken or hateful.

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