Human zoos in history: Have we evolved past the days when monarchs kept humans in menageries with exotic animals?

  • To a certain extent, we have evolved from keeping human zoos.

    While we may have evolved from the most basic form of human zoos, we haven't completely done away with such. We have just found a way to make them more acceptable and politically correct. We still have certain situations were zoo-like features exist. Circuses in modern history have continued to have the "bearded lady" type exhibits, be they real or "manufactured".

  • Of course we have.

    I don't think any nation in the world would allow a human zoo on their land. We human beings really are despicable creatures but our redemption is in our perseverance and our quest for a better life, for everyone. I do hope such zoos never make a comeback, I think the general population is too educated now for such things to be acceptable.

  • Modern human zoos are extremely rare, if not extinct

    I am not aware of any human zoos that exist in modern times. If anything, perhaps there is such as zoo in a remote kingdom in Africa or something. Human zoos are inhumane, and should be eliminated if they are not already. In fact, zoos are not ideal for animals, either. Existing zoos should have much larger enclosures for animals. That's another argument, though.

  • That is inhumane.

    Humans still treat each other in terrible ways. There is modern-day slavery and all other types of abuses. But people today no longer keep humans as pets in a zoo-like structure. They know that this is inhumane. Monarchs know that the people they live with in society need to be treated with dignity and respect.

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