Humanitarian intervention: Have humanitarian interventions proven successful historically?

  • Humanitarian interventions have proven successful historically.

    It's important for developed nations to provide humanitarian interventions when they are able to do so. Maybe it does not seem as though they do a lot of good because these problems keep arising. But for the people they help, they make all the difference in the world. Humanitarian work is important and should be continued.

  • I agree that humanitarian interventions have been successful.

    While many humanitarian interventions have been successful and have achieved their respective goals, they did not ensure continuous support, or many simply fell apart after the dire needs were lessen. Many have actually managed to stay strong, if not funded, they are certainly headed by strong willed individuals. You have doctors, builders, architects, or simply the humanitarian volunteering in projects across the globe, and many have accomplished what they set out to do, some are stuck with a never ending quest. I understand that in no way can the problems of the world or local, past and present have been wholly resolved by Humanitarian intervention alone, but they certainly have made an impact, and they show just how beautiful humanity is when they stick together and fight it out each day against a plague, the destruction of a natural disaster, or some war-torn land. They have certainly been successful.

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