• I Say Yes.

    ( btw, just a warning im really new to this so my opinion may not matter) So, yeah, its not that hard to see, from the way humans are burning through our fossil fuels like its nothing, to the way we're destroying our Ozone layer. So, yeah, that's my argument.

  • Humanity is doomed.

    We are heading towards self-extinction there's no doubt about that. Humanity is going to completely wipe itself off the planet. We'll undergo the same fate as the dinosaurs did... Climate change is just at the very beginning ... The human species is likely to go the same way as many of the species that we've seen disappear. Homo sapiens will become extinct, perhaps within 100 years ... It's an irreversible situation. I think it's too late. Also there's too many people, and not enough food, water and other resources. Our population is getting to large, any bigger and it's going to collapse..

  • All go extinct at some point in time.

    One day there will be a choice that man will have to make. One path shall lead to the extinction of mankind, whilst the other shall assure that man will be a parasite, spreading throughout the Universe. I believe that man will make the wrong choice and put us at the brink of extinction.

    All aside, no man here on this site, on this post, on this earth at the moment will see the fall and death of mankind, the extinction of man.

    But will we be extinct? Will we disapear from this existence? Will humans be around forever? The answer is no. Humans will go away like any other species in the Universe as others have on earth, mars and other planets.

    This is a very scary topic to talk of, just like it is scary to talk about if there is an afterlife which is unlikely enough but you might as well believe in the thing that comforts you.

  • Humans will be extinct

    Yes, I think this is true considering there is too many people in the world. What will happen if we have no food, no water, no shelter, no clothes, etc? Some people are already in this situation and are dying by starvation and climate and weather. According to ucsusa.Org, global warming is also a risk to us. "Sea level is accelerating, the number of large wildfires is growing, dangerous heat waves are becoming more common, extreme storm events are increasing, and severe droughts are also becoming common to other areas," is what this website says. So, I'm pretty sure that there are also other factors that will make us humans go extinct in the near future. Who knows, we might be extinct in 50 years?


  • Absolutely Yes! Without question.

    If a person wished to debate this subject with me at a serious level I would welcome their interest. Take a look at Syria today. I spent last night researching the arms trade both globally but specifically in the US. It makes Iron Man seem tame. We are heading 'down the tube' and the religious amongst us, are loving it. They cannot get to heaven quick enough and they are twitchy in case the Muslims or God forbid, the Jews get there first. We are falling asleep through apathy on all this, ie who cares!

  • No. Destruction maybe but not extinction

    I agree. Humans are seriously messing up the world and we are up for a WW3. But humanity will not extinct itself. Never. It is almost a fundamental principle that humans will always survive. If there is a nuclear war, someone will find a safe zone, someone will survive, maybe underground.

    Who knows? Maybe that we actually got created by a ancient worldwide war.

    Humanity will continue to progress more and more, always finding new ways for war...

  • We are not headed towards extinction./....

    We will continue to evolve and naturally find other means of survival. Never will we extinct rather evolve.Some of us here are talking of wars ,but wars and conflicts were there even back in the 1600s. If we were to extinct that is a heal lot of time for that process.

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