Humans are beings that think they know right from wrong that are far less significant than they are thought to be by themselves.

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  • Yes they do change

    They do change because there is no way it could. If it didn't that would be weird. If somebody would ask you do you like to eat bones no I don't. Do you like to eat yes I do. Why would you ask. Why does any one here doesn't like to.

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  • We all contradict each other, oppose each other, and think we are all right even though we contradict each other

    Objective morality is fairness while most people use their desires to come up with selfish moralities that are convenient for them. People like the bible because the stories can mean just about anything to anybody so they arent actually teachings they are a way you can make up your beliefs while thinking they are objective. All throughout history innocent people have suffered because people with good intentions and moral ignorance thought they had it figured out and we are no different. We punish people for crimes they havent committed yet like with drugs use which is punished because drugs lead to crime for SOME. Our susceptibilities are what determine whether we become alcoholics or crack heads or what have you so basically when you punish drug users your punishing the unfortunate for being unfortunate making them more unfortunate. Heros of today would be villains of the past. God didnt think enough of us to teach us right from wrong or care about us enough to tell us why we are here instead of making us wander and fear the unknown. God isnt here. This is random and i know that because what happens is a very broad set of things and everything thats possible with most things happens eventually while if it were all by design you would expect to see far fewer things happen as far fewer things should happen. We bring life into this unfair world for our pleasure causing great pain suffering and misery which is not fair and just goes to show how selfish and or unrealistically optimistic people are.

  • Nope we r gr8.

    No we kno rigt and rong caus god and jessus telld us rigt and rong so of course we shoud kno what it is an if ou don't its cause your a stupid ignorant heretic and the devil will eet your soul and jesus hates you forever you massive heretic!

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