• Humans are the future

    Humans are the future because humans can do anything and everything humans would do a much better job than robots because we are like the best thing and of course the Best creatures on this earth nothing can stop us humans from doing such a good job ok ok bye

  • Yeah humans are

    Yeah humans are much better the reason why I prefer humans over robots because humans are more powerful more smarter more intelligent and are better naked better at making money and of course have more jobs than stupid robots there is no way robots can replace us humans by it

  • Robots are the future.

    Boss its late can I go home and sleep?
    Robots can work anytime and longer. Sure they need maintenance but they still work harder.
    I can send them in dangerous places and they only need electricity. No OSHA no fingers getting hurt no back pain and no labor unions.
    They can even do better jobs.

  • Both are equal to me

    Firstly, Robots are diligent
    That is they never get tired which keeps them functional for long
    Secondly, Have human intelligence
    which enables them to think and behave like a human being
    Thirdly, They never lose data
    Robots have a feature that allows them to store all data in a cloud. I am not saying a cloud in the sky, I mean the cloud of the system

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