• We are flawed - Isn't it beautiful.

    Humans are flawed. It is what defines us. Everything we do, whether we realize it to not, is to correct our flaws. Why do we seek knowledge? I believe it is because recognize our understanding of our existence is flawed based on our incomplete knowledge of it. Why do we fight each other? Because our understanding of each other needs and desires is flawed. This misunderstanding leads to conflict. Why do we love those we love? Because we see those we love as helping us to manage our own flaws and we help them to manage theirs. As anyone, if their love ones are flawless. I doubt anyone would say yes. I know that my response to this opinion is also flawed. But that is it beauty.

  • Humans ARE flawed

    There's no doubt about it mankind is extremely flawed. Their narcissism knows no bounds, their moral sense is hazy at best, and they're all paradoxically too stupid to handle their vast intelligence. And to top it off, most humans have an insatiable ego, are greedy/selfish, and are very indifferent to any and all people

  • They are the apex predator out of millions of years of evolution.

    We have not killed ourselves yet. We have grown so bored of taking over the natural world that we sought out each other to fight and take control of. Representing the wild wolf, humans are social animals where we work together to bring about prosperity, but also let the alpha take charge. We have thus far conquered the earth with no close opposition.

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