Humans beings are the result of billions of years a random cosmic happenings.

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  • Since we are humans we concern over this

    Result of billions of years, yep it did take a long time before there was life on earth, then complex life, then life that has a brain, mammals, then humans. I can't really say anything about humans that exist outside of earth though. Random? Yes nature does not have a plan, the earth is not a sentient living being, nature has always been random.

  • The big bang was the cause of our denominational plane(universe) and there is life on other planets.

    We can measure a good distance of the universe and have found that it is expanding. We can tell by looking at different wavelengths through the emission spectrum. Humans are an established organism created through years of evolution. Although a theory, it still holds more scientific data and support than any other concept.

  • Of course we are,

    The only reason we exist is a completely random series of events. To say that "we must be designed, for we are so perfect" is completely inaccurate. We make so many mistakes. Not to mention that if Jesus could heal the blind, why not cure blindness? If he had to die for our sins than why do people so allegedly perfect have sins in the first place. What is an appendix good for? Why does child birth have to be so painful? Why is sex a pleasurable experience if it is so heavily forbidden? Why do toenails and fingernails grow past the perfect point? Why do woman get cramps? Why does armpit hair exist? What was the logic behind giving us free will and than condemning us for a good 75% of our choices? All of these questions are ginormous road blocks to any amount of faith and I've barely even scratched the surface.

  • Not random, but more yes than no

    I would argue that the question proposed is a flawed question. "Random" is simply a concept that we use to differentiate between things that happened and things that were intended to happen by another being that has intentions. So maybe a better way to ask the question would be, "Are we here because some entity willed or intended for us to be here," (to which I would respond, "no").

    We are here because we are here. There is no alternative. The limits of the human imagination cause many of us to draw conclusions too soon as to how we got here and to reject possibilities simply because we think it could not be so.

    There is in fact growing evidence in support of a multiverse theory which suggests that our "universe" is one tiny piece of the real universe, or multiverse, which includes many many other "universes" or big bangs.

    “If we say that God has always been, why not save a step and conclude that the universe has always been?”
    —Carl Sagan

    I believe it is likely that infinity is a common "pattern" or reality of this existence, and that it is likely that there are an infinite number of little universes. But I don't accept that to be true, as I cannot know. But I think Carl Sagan makes a good point. Again, our limited imagination, for example, prevents us from even comprehending the concept of infinity.

    Personally, I believe this existence to be one in which determinism rules our "fate." I believe that everything is in a sense caused by something, or rather, everything converges towards some explainable cause - that everything is possible to explain, though perhaps not to be comprehended by the human mind. That is not to say that everything goes back to a single moment of conception, but that everything can be traced to some explanation. Now that is me explaining it in terms that we can understand easily, but I think it is obviously not as simple as that. I think that it is also possibly true that the further you look you will always find something more complex or rather more simplified into a more ancient history or a smaller or larger system, hence the whole patterns of infinity. I guess the important point is that for all we know, it goes on forever.

    So to summarize, I think that if it were possible to process all the information there is everything could be predicted. Even "random choice" requires a reason to choose randomly. Did we choose to choose randomly? So randomness, I might argue, is an illusion or is simple our subjective interpretation of a series of events. But I sense that the general alternative is an argument for intelligent design, which I think is pretty silly.

  • Yes and no

    You see, humans are NOT the center of the universe in any way. Weeksie has a point. We are very likely to be just another by-product of physics, thermodynamics, biology, geology, etc...

    However, I would not look at all these things that involved the creation of Humanity as simply part of a "greater plan", I look at these things as simply OUR creators while comets, meteors, atoms, and rock are our creator's tools. We are simply the bi-product of many years of many things each having an effect on oneanother until the by-product (us) is created.

    Now as to how the UNIVERSE was created is a whole other can of beans. With that I am unsure about the possibility of there being either a "God" who created all this or an explosion. Maybe (like in that time-travelling episode of futureama) our universe is simply one of many that collapsed, expanded, exploded, and repeated the process.

    These questions cannot consume our lives though. As my mother always told me (yes i am quoting my mom you have a problem with that??)...

    "when you die, you will find out'.

  • No reason to exist.

    Humans are made of atoms. These atoms control us, the organs we need to survive run on atoms and the organs have evolved over billions of years. Humans are made of star stuff, we are related to all life on Earth, the common ancestor of everything. We may think we are significant, or we are here for a reason, but we aren't. We are just a collect of cells and atoms. We create our own reason to exist.

  • Humans are 'A' Result, Not 'THE' Result.

    To think otherwise is to tread Creationist levels of arrogance. One look at the magnificence and grandeur of the cosmos, and just how insignificant our tiny lives are in the face of it, and it's clear that we are, at best, a side effect. The universe is utterly indifferent to our existence, and would churn on just fine if we never had noticed.

    We are not THE result, we're A result. The universe owes us nothing, while we owe it everything. That's not religious, that's science. And it's a wondrous thing!

  • There is nothing random about it

    The human body and the human brain as well as the world and the universe all point to intelligent design.

    The systems are so amazing and not just all going to happen as a matter of co incidence.

    The more scientists discover the more they are amazed by the world and them more believe in God.

  • A creator is needed.

    There are several things in the theory of how the universe was created that does stump me, time and matter would need to me created simultaneously in order to work. If not nothing would happen, and another thing, matter would have to form out of nothing in a natural cycle. That is impossible, and the fact that our solar system is in a delicate balance of gravity would make it very unlikely that the solar system would form that way naturally, not impossible, but very unlikely. On the other hand, if the universe was placed together by an intelligent creator, that eliminates the problem of the chances.

  • On a non-religious note

    Since when is anything in nature ever random? There is always a reason for whatever happens and that's something everyone can agree on regardless of your beliefs. Anything that seems to be random, such as gene mutations, only appears that way because we have not yet found the reason for it's occurrence. There's nothing random about it! Either there is a creator with a vision or natural laws that force it to be the way it is. The only way I would be able to see it being random is If by random you meant without an end purpose. Then, though I would not agree with you, I would be able to understand your point.

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