• We Control the Future of this Planet, well at least life.

    In our hands we hold the future of all life on Earth, if we mess up Earth will continue to exist, only without life.
    Of course I would be of extreme disappointment if we do that, we all should be.

    That is why we need to band together, share our limited resources and develop the developing world. Their problem is also our problem.

  • Humans are just another product of the earth but not the earth itself. Hope that made sense.

    By a fluke, we hit the jackpot. We as far as known are the most intelligent life form in existence. Yet to find elsewhere. However that just only means we are intelligent. We use soft paper to wipe our ass, instead of dragging it on the floor.

    The world has shown multiple times that it is a self sustaining system. Meteor crashes, global natural disasters. Mass extinctions. It recovered from all of them and here it is, 4.5 billion years later.

    Humans certainly don't dictate life on earth as, if we push the boundaries of the planet's natural system. Like we are doing now, it will just extinctions as life did not evolve to the conditions humans are creating. Extremophiles will survive. Complex life forms will perish till evolution starts again as the planet "reboots". So saving that extra tree is pointless really. Life on earth has seen worse and survived. One of them gave rise to humans.

    Also I have to disagree the argument that nothing exist without reason and humans are some sort of puppet. As I am agnostic. Of course it's a whole other topic.

  • Humans are only puppets of some divine force

    Nothing exist without reason,, earth will never die we will be cause for our extinction but if we are on earth we should go to xtreme level of advancement in our life and check our limits but its also true that we are protecting life also on earth in some way or other

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