Hundreds of police issued weapons are missing from the Bay area. Is there a criminal conspiracy?

  • Police Weapons should be tracked better.

    If there are really hundreds of police issued weapons missing from the Bay area, I would indeed think that there is some sort of conspiracy to make these weapons disappear. Either officers are trying to find a way to keep them after being dismissed from positions or are finding a way to get them to criminals for large amounts of money. In either scenario, the law is being broken. I think that police issued weapons need to be tracked better if this is currently happening. GPS tracking devices are easily installed in just about anything, why not police issued guns as well?

  • People steal guns with the iintent of using them

    There are hundreds of police-issued weapons either missing, stolen or unaccounted for in the Bay area. It is a dangerous situation. These guns are obviously in the wrong hands. The police force is the only group allowed to use these weapons. If they are not in police hands, where are they? In the wrong hands. If so many guns are missing, there must be some type of organized crime taking place. The guns in question have been entered into a searchable database. It wouldn't be easy for criminals to travel with these missing weapons if criminals are intent on using them. Would they use them for hunting? It seems far-fetched to think that the weapons were taken by gun control fanatics, people who believe there are too many guns around, and want to destroy the weapons. Likely, these weapons, which are illegally seized, will be used somehow. Considering the high number of terrorist attacks and attempts, there should be stricter gun control to avoid getting the guns in the hands of future terrorists.

  • Yes, this could be a criminal conspiracy.

    If the report is true that there are hundreds of missing police weapons from the Bay area, then yes, this could very well be a criminal conspiracy. There are some powerful figures in the underworld that might have the influence to be able to obtain so many police weapons through a corrupt official. Therefore, this should be investigated as a criminal conspiracy.

  • With hundreds of police issued weapons missing from the Bay area there might be a criminal conspiracy.

    With hundreds of police issued weapons missing from the Bay area there might be a criminal conspiracy. The disappearance of 944 guns from police in the Bay area as well as from some other Federal agents in California is a very serious and dangerous matter. Kate Steinle's death highlighted the gravity of the situation.

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