Hungarian celeb says Trump tried to seduce her: Will Trump end up with a sex-scandal ridden legacy?

  • It's alrady begun

    News of Trump being a womanizer and trying to seduce women is not new. His campaign was plagued with these stories, which many people chose to ignore. I'm sure more and more of these stories will come to light, and if Trump isn't careful, someone will find a way to prove it as true.

  • Yes, of course he will.

    Yes, there will be scandals coming from all over the place regarding Trump. Right around election time, a woman was suing him for sexual abuse when she was a young teen and he was a grown man. Due to death threats, she dropped her suit. There are accounts of wild parties Trump held, where he participated in sex with beautiful young ladies (many of whom may have been underage). He cheated on his wives. During the Miss Universe competitions, he'd barge in on women as they were dressing. He acts like he owns women. He is depraved and his legacy will be that of a sexual pervert.

  • No, he'll take the office seriously.

    Trump doesn't get enough credit for his achievements and abilities as a businessman, and people often forget how the mastery of many of those traits are favorable and needed in the daily duties of any institutional leader. Any sex scandals that have been brought up in his name are either not current, circumstantial, accusatory, or arbitrary. Donald Trump is not Bill Clinton - he doesn't have any appearances to keep up or vices he's hiding to couple with less than ideal temptations that would detriment character. The low expectation that so many people have for him will ultimately help him when he surprises everybody. He can't do any worse than people think he will.

  • Trump is good

    Trump is the coolest dude youll meet he never raped anyone because hes thr bomb dot com he would never raoe anyone I think hes amazin and is the perfect fir for our president and sice hesd the president he will niot get charge csuase he didn't do any thing.

  • The hate trump bandwagon

    People love to hop on the fuck Donald trump bandwagon and it'll pass over eventually I mean with the people protesting and such, they are just crying about the election, then again if it is proved then I'll change my mind because innocent until proved guilty then right ? Yeah.

  • No, Trump will not end up with a sex-scandal.

    Donald Trump has been inoculated from potential sex scandals due to all of the allegations made against him during the campaign - none of which hurt is popularity among supporters. Therefore, it is unlikely that a major sex scandal will be able to derail Trump's presidency. Instead, Trump will be able to denounce critics and move on.

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