Hungarian female celebrity allegedly invited to Trump's hotel in 2013: Do most female voters in the US care if Trump is a gentleman?

  • Yes, it reflects character.

    I think that American citizens care if Trump is a gentleman, and I definitely think that women care more than men do. It is more apparent to women how men treat other women, and frankly it is a reflection of character. But I also think that women, and people in general, especially in this day and age of feminism think that they care more than they do. And while Trump has made some offensive, private remarks about women that were made public, or maybe even invited one of those women to his hotel room, it doesn't necessarily mean that he's ungentlemanly towards women. Many women are still fond of President Clinton, and his infidelity was done during his term, physically in the White House. I think women will care about whether or not Trump is a gentleman whenever it's convenient.

  • Most females didn't vote for him

    Many women in this country refused to vote for Trump, and his sexist and perverted ways were a big part of it. Of course, it's no secret that Trump is an idiot and most women wouldn't have voted for him anyway, but his treatment of women did change the minds of some.

  • Gentleman or Basic Human Being?

    Women voters in the United States may not care if Trump is a gentleman, but they surely care whether he sees them as human beings. Trumps collapsing support base and all time low polling numbers reflects the contempt American women feel towards the former (or current) reality television star. It is his treatment of women (not racist or anti-Semitic rants) that have consistently impacted his favorability to U.S. voters, regardless of gender.

  • Voters don't care about character and pasdt behavior anymore.

    Voters,including female voters, stopped caring about the character of their elected officials when they elected Bill Clinton back in 1992. Since then, they have grown even more tolerant of ungentlemanly behavior that would have prevented someone from seeking office at one time. We seem willing to let our candidates get away with many immoral acts, as long as they conduct themselves with a certain level of decorum. In Trump's case, he willbe crt

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