Hunting for sport: Animals kill... Is hunting justified on the basis that animals harm one-another too?

  • Yes because if we didn't hunt there wouldn't be animals.

    Hunting isn't just killing for fun and just leaving it there that's POACHING which is illegal. Also, If we didn't manage populations there wouldn't be any more animals because they would all die of starvation which is less ethical than any other way of harvesting a animal. Also, The billions of dollars that hunters pay to hunt goes to conservation organizations. Cecil the lion for example, All of that money that that Dentist payed went to starving and dying kids in Africa. So it is your choice a dead animal or a dead kid. Lastly you can't even talk about hunting in a negative way if you have anything leather or made out of animals. Shoes, Coats, Seats in you car. If they are leather you can't talk negative about us.

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  • Hunting is justified on the basis that animals harm one-another too.

    Hunting is justified on the basis that animals harm one-another too. This is because of the fact that hunting is justified in general no matter whether the animals harm one-another or not. Humans are omnivores, and hunting animals is a valuable lesson regarding the life of the animal that one is taking.

  • Yes, it is called the food chain.

    Yes, hunting is justified on the basis that animals harm one another as well, because that is part of the food chain. Many animals are carnivores. They depend on hunting other animals for their survival. That other animals hunt is a clear sign that God made humans to be part of the food chain and hunt. There is nothing unnatural about it.

  • Hunting is justified on the basis that animals harm one-another too.

    It is natural for animals to kill and consume each other for food. In the same way that lions eat gazelles and cats eat mice, people eat domesticated farm animals. People need to eat animals for their nutrition. People cannot live without eating animals, and vegetarianism is not natural for people.

  • Yes, hunting is a natural activity

    Hunting is not something that requires much justification. The only time it needs to be justified is if the population of animals being hunted is in danger of extinction. Otherwise, hunting is merely a natural activity carried out by those at the top of the food chain. Those top animals will always prey on lesser ones.

  • No killing animals!

    Animals are endangered species,and we are the ones that are killing animals! Now animals are in great danger,and we need to put a stop to it we are hurting nature and we are nature so please help me change and stop hunting and help nature,so stand up with me and put a stop to it

  • Hunting dogs are trained

    Hunting hounds are trained to hunt. How is that justifiable? It causes pain to both parties involved and can result in death to both parties. We, as humans have evolved
    to believe in killing animals but I would like to see Johnny Hunter try to kill it how our ancestors did. Pathetic excuses for human beings. 🐺🐕

  • No, because humans have no need to take another's life

    Other animals kill out of necessity- they know no better and the must kill in order to survive. Humans do not need to kill to survive. We can live perfectly healthy and happy lives without murdering other beings. The pain, suffering and death that hunting causes to innocent creatures is surely then not in any way necessary and simply evil and cruel.

  • We have something they lack

    Animals kill each other primarily as a mechanism for survival - sometimes for food, sometimes because they feel threatened. But that doesn't give us the right to do the same for sport, because we have one thing that most animals lack - a conscience. And this conscience tells us not to harm one another, so why should we do the same for animals?

  • Hunting is not justified on the basis that animals harm one-another too.

    Hunting is not justified on the basis that animals harm one-another too. However, hunting is known to control the population of certain animals and needs to continue. If we did not allow hunting then most of the animals that we hunt would be overcrowded and cause more of a danger to our society.

  • No, because we are more evolved.

    Saying we should be allowed to hunt for sport simply because animals kill one another two is just plain silly. We are not only supposed to be more evolved than the animals and know better, but I do not even want to know what that says about a person who is just interested in killing animals because they can.

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