Hunting for sport: Are humans superior to animals, giving them some authority to hunt?

  • I believe we can hunt animals.

    No matter how an animal dies it will die. You are just like a predator. If you do hunt don´t do it super often and if you do hunt be sure to eat it or leave its meat to be eaten It doesn't matter if you keep it as a trophy but you still should eat it or let some one or something else eat it.

  • We are humans

    We humans are superior than all other animals and nothing is wrong with killing them for sport.Animals will always have baby's it's not like they will go extinct that's why we have hunting season.I support the idea of hunting for sport because it's a reminder of when you went hunting with friends so to all the people that say it's not okay i say we are humans and it's a free country .

  • Yes this is true

    Yes humans are superior to animals and do have some right to hunt them. Hunting is not just done to kill animals. It also helps to control the animal population and for some gives people something to eat. We have a right to hunt animals as long as we are following our laws.

  • Look At The Food Chain

    I believe humans are superior to animals. I think the best way to illustrate this, is with the food chain. Animals eat other animals, some animals eat plants, others eat both. We are at the top and generally we eat both. I think it is human nature to hunt, given the fact that we wouldn't be here if our ancestor's had not hunted.

  • Yes, Humans are superior to animals

    I do believe that humans are superior to animals, but in the end humans are animals themselves. I have personally never believed in hunting for sport, because an animal is so vulnarable and helpless when facing a gun. There is something just so wrong to me about hiding and shooting down an animal who can't really defend themselves.

  • Hunting is both recreational and a good control over overpopulation

    Since Homosapiens came to rule the earth, it has been natural to hunt. While hunting extremes, such as hunting but not using the meat, can be overdone, the majority of hunters, in the United States, do it responsibly. Currently the curve is that there is overpopulation of some deer and quail, so if they are hunted responsibly, it is ok.

  • No,humans are not superior to animals.

    I believe that humans are nit superior to animals for many reasons.I think that humans should understand that animals are living creatures just like we are.They should also understand that when we hunt animals it causes their population to decrease.Also people should also think before they hunt animals because the animals didn't do anything to them for them to hunt them and kill them. Humans should understand that some of the animals that they are killing actually help the place that we live in.These would be some reason why humans are not superior to animals.

  • We need to keep our wildlife safe!

    Hunting is a very dangerous sport that should not be allowed. Someone should not get a trophy for abusing an animal. Animals are a big part of our lives. We need them for food and other resources. By hunting for them we are taking away the things we might need.

  • Hunting shouldn't be allowed as a sport.

    Animals are living things. And lets be real there are only so many. While they can be reproduced through other animals, once they're all gone, they're all gone. Now, is this most likely gonna happen? No, but if we continue to hunt animals, eventually our animal population will certainly decrease.

  • We might drive them to extinction

    Not all animals can be hunted, like endangered or close to endangered animals like lions should not be hunted cause they could be hunted to the point of extinction. Scientist now are trying to use animals to our advantage so why drive them to extinction? There is no point in it, raise animals for hunting, instead of hunting wild ones.

  • No, there is no authority for this.

    Humans are different than animals but in the total scheme of things not superior because all have a right to exist. Hunting for food is one thing, but there is no justification for sport hunting. It is an immoral thing to do and we have been given no authority to do that.

  • No, we are not superior.

    I don't believe that we have authority to hunt animals because we are superior. I don't believe that we are superior. We are just smarter in certain ways. I am vegetarian and dislike any hunting, but if a person hunts an animal for meat, then they are doing so to satisfy a biological impulse that they might have, just like other animals might.

  • Humans are animals

    Humans are animals just like any others, perhaps even lesser than animals for the selfish, ugly ability to be conscious of their own self and thinking this somehow puts them above others. Murder is murder, between human and human or human and animal. Hunting is a tradition rooted in self-preservation, there's no need for it in industrialized, modern society.

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