Hunting for sport: Do animals have no rights protecting them from hunting?

  • Hunting is useful

    Hunting for sport is a long-time tradition, and in many ways has serious uses in conservation itself; this is not, to say, that hunting all animals is inherently ok, but the idea that animals have a limited set of rights sets a burdensome precedent that could potentially backfire in the future.

  • They have no rights.

    Hunting for sport should be allowed as animals have no rights protecting them from hunting. As long as the animal has a good population and is not on the endangered species list, they should be hunted. It is survival of the fittest, and if they were smarted then they would not be hunted.

  • Yes, Animals Do Not Have Rights

    Animals are not humans, so they do not have rights. Rules against cruelty to animals are more for the protection of mankind than animals. I believe that animals do have feelings, and that they do sense lose, but the line between true intelligence in our environment is between humans and all else.

  • Animals have the rights to protect them form hunting.

    Hunting should not be a sport. Sports are supposed to harmless and fun, there is nothing harmless about killing defenseless animals. People should only hunt when they need to survive and eat. Hunting like that is fine but now people trophy hunt and mount the heads of the animals they killed like that is something to be proud of.

  • Depends On The Animal

    Hunting for sport is an American passion for some people. Generally, rather or not an animal has any rights, protecting them for hunting, very much depends on the animal you are speaking about. Deer, for example, are probably the most commonly hunted animal. They do not have any rights protecting them and the hunting is a mechanism used to hold their populations down. This is actually a necessary thing. On the other hand, if a hunter decided he wanted to shoot a Bald Eagle, then yes, that animal is very protected and the hunter will more than likely spend some time in jail, as well as pay a large fine.

  • Animals do have rights protecting them from hunting.

    Animals do have rights protecting them from hunting. There are certain seasons for everything such as deer season which is only so long and limits the amount the hunter can kill. We have fishing and wildlife authorities to control the hunting. If everyone follows the laws and rules for gaming and hunting then animals will be protected.

  • I believe that hunting for sport is wrong.

    I believe that hunting for sport is wrong. I believe that the laws of god give animals
    rights and protect them from hunting. In
    the bible, it says that thou shalt not kill.
    This should apply to animals as well as humans. No one should kill an animal unless it’s for

  • No, there are limits.

    No, animals do not lack rights protecting them from hunting, because there are many rules in every state about hunting. Ask any person who hunts, and they will tell you about their Department of Natural Resources, and all of the rules that they have to comply with in order to hunt. The animals are plenty protected.

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