Hunting for sport: Do humans have an inherent passion to hunt?

  • Cavemen Hunted Woolly Mammoths

    Humans have had a long tradition of hunting animals to survive. The best hunters got the best kills and survived, whereas other humans who didn't have the same skills faltered. Hunting with tools and weapons is a skill that has been perfected over the past 50,000 years and humans have passed on that passion from parent to child ever since woolly mammoths walked the Earth. Yes, humans obviously have an inherent passion to hunt big game.

  • Yes, but many passions must be suppressed to be moral.

    When we needed to hunt for food, this passion was probably instilled and so if someone will eat all or most of what they hunt and kill this is as moral as going to the market and buying meat. But if it is just sport hunting, then this is a passion that serves no humane purpose and must be put aside or be considered immoral.

  • Yes they do.

    I don't have this passion myself, so I think we are all different. I think some people have not evolved enough from the caveman days. These people do have an inherent desire to hunt animals. They usually don't realize it and think they are doing it because it is a good thing to do.

  • Hunting Is In Our Past

    Given that human beings were once known as hunter gathers, hunting would most certainly be an inherent passion. In terms of development and time, it wasn't that long ago, that we as a species spent most of our time hunting for food. Our ancestors evolved to hunt more efficiently, we certainly have some of that passion in us.

  • No, not everyone wants to kill animals

    Perhaps some people love hunting, but others loathe the very
    idea of killing another living thing. If a love for hunting were truly inherent
    in human nature, all humans would feel it, just as everyone feels the need to
    eat, sleep, and draw close to another human. Blood lust is not human nature.
    More likely, those who desire to kill innocent living things assuage their
    guilt by telling themselves that they cannot help it, because we were all born this

  • Humans have a passion to hunt for survial

    No. Humans may have an inherent passion to hunt, but it is not for sport. Hunting was used by our ancestors to survive, not for the "thrill of the hunt." If the animal that is being hunted is not consumed or given for consumption to another then hunting should not take place.

  • Hunting is a social construct, not something inherent

    The only inherent human needs are physical procreation, eating, sleeping and other natural things. Hunting is a social construct, albeit passed down through generations, starting with the hunter-gatherer days. Most people in large metropolitan areas do not like to hunt and are perfectly content to live a life without hunting.

  • Morality and humanity.

    There should be a little voice in your head saying this is very wrong and I will not do it. Ergo. Sport hunters are psychotic cold blooded murderers and could do it to a human animal just as easily. This person has no morals or humanity. Cave men hunted for food.

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