Hunting for sport: Do humans have dominion over animals (and a right to hunt them)?

  • We just can

    We can fight the fight to hunt animals we can fight the fight to hunt animals we can fight the fight to hunt animals we can fight the fight to hunt animals we can fight the fight to hunt animals we can fight the fight to hunt animals we can fight the fight to hunt animals we can fight the fight to hunt animals

  • Top Of The Food Chain

    I believe studies have shown that there is a clear food chain when it comes to Earth and it's inhabitants. Just as snakes prefer mice, men like to hunt as well. I do believe we have dominion over animals, because we are the highest animal in the food chain. Most of us require meat to survive.

  • Yes, it is God's order.

    Yes, humans have dominion over animals and a right to hunt them, because that is the natural order of the food chain. If God did not want us eating His creatures, he should not have made them so delicious. God said in the Bible that man is to have dominion over the animals. He even gave man the task of naming the animals.

  • Humans Have Dominion Over Animals

    In reality, humans have dominion over animals, since we're the dominant species. We, therefore, have a complete right to hunt animals, but we shouldn't do so in order to destroy species. Hunting as a form of population control is a smart idea. Overhunting can have devastating effects and isn't recommended.

  • The Bible tells us so.

    God put animals on this Earth for humans to eat. Hunting, whether as a living or as a sport, does help feel many families. There is nothing wrong with that. Without hunting there would be an overabundance of certain animals which would lead to a shortage of food for these animals to eat. Hunting is a good thing.

  • Yes, humans have a right to hunt animals.

    I find this question to be oddly phrased, so I'm going to quibble about terms. Hunting for sport is something that I would normally disagree with, were it not for the way the rest of this question is written. The concepts of dominion and rights are moot: in this arena, I think in terms of ability and inability. Do we ask whether the lion has dominion over humans and the right to hunt us? No. The lion can, and under the right circumstances, will hunt us. We have the same capacity. Is it always morally correct for humans to do so? That's another question.

  • Killing is bad

    People have lots of bad habits, and now killing innocent animals is part of it. How would you like it if you had to run from someone who is trying to kill you, and need to keep you cub away and protected at all times because you don't know when someone will try and strike.

  • No, hunting for sport is wrong.

    Hunting for sport is not the same as hunting for food. Anyone who eats any meat at all needs to be willing to allow hunting. However, hunting for sport is just doing it in order to feel like a winner of some sort or to look good in front of others and this is immoral at some level.

  • No they do not have the right.

    Although humans have the equipment and skills to hunt animals, it does not give them the right to hunt them. Imagine if an animal killed a human, that would be grounds for killing said animal for attacking, so why and how would it be fair for a human to hunt an animal without consequence.

  • No We Don't

    Humans are no better than animals, since we started as animals as well. Hunting animals is wrong, since we humans don't have dominion over them. If we needed to kill animals, at least do it for food, not for the fun of killing. If you like hunting that much, then why don't you just kill humans, since they are harder to kill, therefore making it more of a challenge. Overall, if we have dominion over animals, then what are we?

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