Hunting for sport: Is hunting consistent with human morals and dignity?

  • Hunting is consistent with human morals and dignity.

    It is natural for people to eat animals for their nutrition. Also, it is natural for people to hunt in order to catch these animals. Human hunting is a lot more humane than the ways that animals kill each other in nature. People have always been hunters and it is a natural habit.

  • Hunting is moral

    Hunting animals is, in many ways, far more humane than eating meat bought at a supermarket; given the factory farming and terrifying conditions of much meat, a clean hunting kill is far more humane. Hunting is and has been a valid sport for eons, although killing animals for pleasure is sick.

  • Yes it it.

    Hunting for sport is consistent with human morals and dignity. This has been going on forever and is not likely to change in the future. As long as they are some regulations to control the amount of hunting for sport that can done, I am sure that nothing bad will happen.

  • Hunting has been around for centuries.

    Hunting has been a part of human culture now for many centuries, and it is not going anywhere any time soon. One of the main reasons hunting is a fine past time is that without hunting many of the hunted animals would become over-populated, leading to eventual death by starvation.

  • Hunting Is Natural

    I believe that hunting is consistent with human morals and dignity. Humans reside at the top of the food chain and have plenty of different foods to chose from. I do not believe we should be ashamed to eat animals, its actually quite healthy for us to eat animals. Hunting comes natural to humans. We've had to survive on hunting in the past.

  • God put animals on this Earth to eat.

    Unless you are a vegetarian it is pretty hypocritical to be anti hunting. God put animals on this planet so that people would have something to eat. If you are living alone in the woods, hunting might be the only thing you have to depend on for food. Hunting for sport is not immoral. Killing the animals and letting the meat go to waste is immoral. If you aren't going to eat it at least give it to a neighbor that may be hungry.

  • No, hunting has become more of a thrill sport than one that's moral.

    Hunting used to be not for sport, but for the necessity of feeding one's family. Over time, this has changed, and now people are far more interested in treating it like a sport. For example, they go for the number of points on antlers, rather than a need for meat. Typically, the belief is that it's okay to kill animals as long as the results are used for eating and out of necessity. Now, hunting has changed to be a thrill-seeking adventure. Sometimes, the hunters have even taken all of the challenge out of it, like doing things like baiting deer with carrots, so they come right up to them. Some people have no desire for the meat, and only want the skin, or a taxidermied skin. It's no longer something where the animals have a chance and their meat is serving a life-saving purpose. Because of that, it has been stripped of its morality, and is now more of a way for hunters to seek thrills.

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