Hunting for sport: Is hunting environmentally friendly?

  • Hunting is environmentally friendly.

    Hunting for sport is environmentally friendly because it keeps animal populations down. Hunting is regulated to ensure that endangered species aren't hunted. It is also regulated so that you can only hunt when it is in season. This means that you are hunting when the animal population is at its highest, and keeping them from becoming overpopulated.

  • Hunting is environmentally friendly

    Hunting is environmentally friendly. For all of you that disagree and say that hunting is killing and that it is inhumane, obviously don't hunt. Every time that an animal is harvested (deer for example), it keeps the population under control and for those that don't under stand that, we are keeping that animal from starving to death or getting hit by a car, which eventually would happen if hunters didn't exist.
    Also starving and being hit by a car, all takes much, much longer than wing shot by gun or bow. Tell me would you rather be shot in the heart and die quickly, or starve to death or be hit by a car and feel a great deal of pain first. And for those that say a deer feels pain before it dies, this is true and false. If a deer is shot with good shot placement (heart, lungs) it runs off of adrenaline not feeling, but if a deer is shot irresponsibly in the guts or spine, that deer will feel pain until it dies. This is why the responsible hunter tries to shoot for the heart,lungs, or head, it is ethical, quick and clean. For the responsible hunter, hunting is healthy for the environment.

  • Hunting is absolutely normal

    Even when our ancestors have been Hunters and Gatherers, they used to hunt. I think we all agree that guns are harmful. However, hunting is not just considered as sport, it is also considered as survival. If you are stranded in an island, and you have lack of foods. Are you still going to say it is harmful to environment and die of hunger? I say no to that answer. It is also environmentally friendly because it controls the population of the wildlife. Without hunting, we might have lack of food and have to share home with wild animals. This does not mean hunting is ethically ok, but we need it to survive.

  • Hunters do more to protect wildlife and the wilderness than most.

    I respect your position and abhor animal cruelty, but hunters make up the biggest conservation group in the world. Anti-hunters ask us how we are saving animals by shooting them but you fail to realize that Urbanization and Habitat Loss are the biggest threats to animals and have killed more than all hunters of all time put together. (I am not including poachers because they are not "hunters" and I despise them.) Urbanization is responsible for the deaths of countless animals as well as destroying the environment; it also throws off the balance of the ecosystem by pushing predators out and leaving room for other animals populations to grow out of control. Hunters and fishermen contribute more to and work harder for preserving the dwindling forests, wetlands, and healthy lakes than anyone else. They are the biggest safeguard in place to protect our environment.

    “In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when conserved by the sportsman. The excellent people who protest against all hunting, and consider sportsmen as enemies of wildlife, are wholly ignorant of the fact that in reality the genuine sportsman is by all odds the most important factor in keeping wild creatures from total extermination.” – Teddy Roosevelt

    I'm all for protecting animals, if I just hunted and fished for the joy of killing I wouldn't buy licenses and follow the rules as far as seasons and limits, but if you truly want to protect wildlife get involved in many sportsman funded programs to protect nature. If you really want to protect animals- protect the environment and wilderness first; I don't think the hunters and fishermen are an appropriate target for your cause. There are a lot worse people out there than those of us who pride ourselves in being caretakers of nature and dedicate our time and energy to protecting, defending, and preserving wildlife and the natural wilderness. If you want to save animals from cruelty you first need to do some self reflection about where you live... There is no tar in nature. Where you live, work, go to school, and are sitting right now was once a thriving ecosystem full to the brim with plants and wildlife that was destroyed to make room for you. If you want to protect animals, protect pets from cruel owners, help fight poaching, promote humane treatment of farm animals raised for food, and most importantly of all help protect the wilderness- our forests, national parks, state parks, and animal habitats.

  • Hunting does Help

    Hunting is what keeps the environment balanced. For example if there are little fish in the river and then a bunch of salmon come and eat them then its fine because bears eat salmon then we hunt the bears. Now if there was no bear then the salmon would eat all of the little fish and over populate eventually it does of starvation. Another example if we weren't allowed to hunt bears then the bears would eat all of the salmon and eventually

  • Ok? Wow Really?????

    The Bible does say, "thou shall not kill... " BUT!!!! It also says that everything on this Earth was put here for us to use SOOOOOO... The animals we own and eat, the water we drink and the air we breath was all put here for us to use. You might want to read a little more before you run your mouth.

  • Yes. I believe that hunting is environmentally friendly.

    Yes. I believe that hunting is environmentally friendly, because people have been hunting since the beginning of time. Hunting is the original way of gathering food. Thousands of years has past, and the earth is still here so hunting cant be too bad on the environment. Hunting is definitely environmentally friendly.

  • Population Control Is Environmentally Friendly

    I believe hunting comes natural to humans because it is a necessary task to collect food, we still have that ability. Hunting can provide a way to control populations, if it is done in a proper balance with the environment. When it's used for these purposes I do believe it's an environmentally friendly process and a fairly natural process.

  • Hunting is environmentally friendly.

    Hunting is environmentally friendly. Hunting is a tradition that has been ongoing for generations and been around since the caveman was around. By hunting, we are controlling the wild animal populations and without it their would be overcrowding of the animals. We control hunting through our gaming authorities and hunting should be allowed to continue.

  • Hunting is not environmentally friendly

    Really???? People hunting is a sport of killing. In the end people do not use the meat for eating. If hunting animals is allowed to be a sport, then who says people can't hunt people. These animals haven't done anything to harm us, so why are we going to harm them? If on the other hand an animal is harming our population/society, then the need for hunting is necessary. However hunting for sport is not necessary. Yes, the bible says that the animals are for us to use, but it does not say that we should take advantage of them.

  • Hunting for sport is both cruel and harmful to the environment.

    Historically, the point of hunting has been primarily for purposes of survival. The Native American Indians only hunted for purposes of sustenance and it was common to use every part of the animal. However, modern sport hunting's primary goal is for entertainment and has little regard to the animal's involved. Instead they are viewed as trophies to be shot and displayed in people's homes or businesses.

  • Hunting should be to eat the finished product

    No, I do not believe that hunting is environmentally friendly. There is nothing friendly about killing an animal and discarding the meat on the account of sport. Granted some animals do not have their natural predators in the "city" and they will over populate if they are not controlled, the meat should still be utilized in the end or the kill was a waste of life.

  • I don’t think that hunting for sport is environmentally friendly.

    I don’t think that hunting for sport is environmentally
    friendly. I think that hunting for sport
    is wrong. The Bible says that thou shalt
    not kill. That should apply to animals
    as well as humans. These innocent
    animals deserve to live just as much as any human being does. Animals are people too.

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