Hunting for sport: Is hunting for sport an acceptable practice?

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  • Hunting can be good for life.

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  • Hunting is beneficial for the environment, the economy and the health of hunters.

    Hunting is a regulated means of controlling animal populations. An overabundance of animals causes damage to that animals habitat as well as the species. This leads to starvation and disease, which are both much less humane ways to perish than a quick, clean shot from a hunter. Additionally, a portion of the money spent on hunting licenses and special taxes is put directly into conservation and wildlife management programs. Hunting also creates many jobs in varying industries and is extremely beneficial for the economy. Most hunters consume the meat harvested while hunting and wild game is generally leaner and better for the consumer than conventional types and cuts of meat. The positive impact hunting has on all these issues is vast and to make hunting illegal would cause irreparable damage to the environment and the economy.

  • Donations of Money

    Without sport hunting a majority of the money donated to wildlife conservation will be lost. Alot of money from ammo, hunting licences, guns, boat oil, and tags come from hunting, and more hunters hunt for sport than food. Without these people supporting wildlife conservation we will never make enough money to save the animals that actually need saving.

  • Hunting is natural and can benefit both humans and wildlife.

    Hunting animals is completely natural and in fact much more ecological and humane than farming animals. Most hunters gain an appreciation of the outdoors and the wildlife they hunt and thus advocate conservation. A further benefit is that hunting helps keep plentiful animal populations in check while the fees hunters pay for licenses helps fund the protection of animal populations which are threatened.

  • Hunting Is Acceptable Practice

    Hunting for sport is an acceptable practice and has been for thousands of years. In reality, hunting is necessary to thin out invasive species in certain areas. Otherwise, it's a recreational activity that doesn't harm animal populations too much. Too many people think hunting is an abomination when it has practical uses.

  • Yes it is.

    Hunting for sport is an acceptable practice. It is survival of the fittest out in the wild. Humans are smarter then the animals then we hunt, so we have the right to hunt them. This also helps with population control and prevents another animal for messing up the local ecosystem.

  • Hunting is cruel.

    Hunting for sport should be banned in my opinion. I think it is cruel and what frustrates me the most is some people just hunt for the fun of it and have no intention of eating the meat. People shoot squirrels, rabbits and other small animals just for fun and it needs to be illegal.

  • No it is not.

    Hunting for sport is not an acceptable practice, it is bad for the animals and just kills them for no reason at all. It is a cruel practice and should not be allowed anywhere in the world. Hunting for sport should not even be legal, we should always use what we hunt or not hunt.

  • Hunting Is Natural

    I believe hunting is part of human nature, but it should not be done out of simple sport. If an animal is going to be killed, some good should come from it, other than the fun the hunter is experiencing. Hunting, just to be hunting, is a waste and serves no real purpose.

  • Hunting for sport is not an acceptable practice.

    Hunting is not a sport unless the animals are also armed. Or you are battling the animals with nothing but a dagger.

    I can understand hunting for food, but hunting for sport is absolutely unnecessary and unacceptable. We are progressed, sentient human beings. With our knowledge comes the responsibility of caring for the rest of the living creatures on this planet. We know better. We should use our brains and stop acting like barbarians.

  • Hunting is not sport.

    If sport demands that all participants voluntarily compete for supremacy as well as a mutual desired award, in addition to use of competition to enhance the skills of all participants, then it is an insult to both hunting and sport to connect the two in any conceptual way. Aside from the obvious argument that the animal being hunted is not fully voluntary, equally equipped or allowed to develop skills and method, it is also an insult to the hunter who understands his or her "practice" of hunting is a dreaded expectation of a dystopian societal collapse. Lastly, it is also difficult to consider hunter v. Hunter a reliable competition because they are not hunting the same exact animal; and even if they did, their combined actions would inevitably be indirectly complementary, not competitive.

  • Hunting is terrible

    Hunting for a sport should be banned, people who hunt are not only taking food sources from humans but also from animals. Most animals are already mostly extinct with very of its kind left. In conclusion hunting for sport should be banned not only for humans but also for animals

  • Of Course Not!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hunting for sport? Seriously? Take a good look at the human race, our police systems, we spring to action when one of us is murdered, even fora good reason, but here we are, legalizing the murder of other species for absolutely NO REASON!!!!!!!!!!!! If I were to skin a human and hang their head on my wall, I would be sentenced to unbearable punishment for who knows how long? But skinning and hanging the head of another species is fine, yeah go right ahead... Oh, wait, I forgot... IT IS SICK AND DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!

  • Hunting for sport is WRONG!!!!!!!!!

    I TOTALLY think it is wrong because they are getting killed for reason. For necessary things is okay such as food, clothes and more. It really makes me mad when i see someone with an animal without even eating it. I personally think why it is not even illegal. Its just freaking crazy

  • Hunting for sport is wrong

    I am a okay with hunting for Survival not for game and the big bucks and antlers... If it's for survival like food and clothing and shelter that is perfectly fine but just ending a animals life short is like me killing you at the age of 14 and saying it was just a Game

  • Even less forgivable

    Some hunt to feed, OK, animals too do so, even if we dont really need that anymore in the 21st century. But people who hunt for sport have even less excuses, do they really need to do that? If it is to spend their time, then what would prevent me from killing their whole family just to have fun? And if it is for competition, you really think you prove you are stronger by cowardly shooting an unarmed animal?

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